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"For Every Child a Shield"  -How to end school shooting deaths in 4 years.
"For Every Child a Shield"  -How to end school shooting deaths in 4 years.

السبت، ٠٢ مارس


Gulfport Recreation Center - Art Room

"For Every Child a Shield" -How to end school shooting deaths in 4 years.

Rebel Democratic candidate for Congress John Liccione's free lecture series and town hall "engineering practicum" on his proposed all-hands national strategy, design, and implementation plan to drive mass school shooting deaths to zero in 4 years - Without suspending the US Constitution

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٠٢ مارس ٢٠٢٤، ٤:١٥ م – ٦:٠٠ م غرينتش-٥

Gulfport Recreation Center - Art Room , 5730 Shore Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707, USA

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John Liccione, a distinguished engineer, USAF veteran, former NSA intelligence analyst, and cyber-security expert, steps into the political arena as the Rebel Democrat in the Congressional race to unseat the AR-15 toting Anna Luna. With a sterling record of leveraging science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) alongside his unparalleled creativity, effective team-building, and communication skills, John presents a groundbreaking lecture titled "For Every Child a Shield." This event is not just a talk but a comprehensive engineering practicum that unveils John's innovative, system-engineered, multi-domain strategy to confront and resolve the mass school shooting crisis.

This lecture will showcase the transformative potential of divergent thinking and imagination, firmly rooted in the principles of science, engineering, and math, to craft solutions that transcend the divide between lawful gun enthusiasts and gun control advocates. By integrating these disciplines, John proposes a plan capable of winning bipartisan support and effectively addressing this pervasive social issue.

"For Every Child a Shield" serves as both a metaphor and a literal promise, challenging attendees to discern its dual meaning. This provocative session is designed to challenge the NRA, gun manufacturers, liberals, conservatives, Congress, and the American populace at large. John invites everyone to set aside extremist party dogma and unite in a collective effort to tackle the school shooting epidemic head-on, starting now.

Join John for a compelling lecture that promises not only to enlighten but also to inspire action across the political and social spectrum. Discover how John's visionary approach can pave the way for a safer future for our children and our nation.

(Session 1 begins at 2:00PM (seating limited to 50).  A 2nd (repeat) lecture will be held starting at 4PM - register seperately)


  • Session 2, 4:15-6:00PM

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