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"Any society or leader that willfully turns a blind eye to the mass murder and rape of its children while worshiping at the altar of the gun will be relegated to the ash heap of history by the next generation of survivors." 

                                                                                  John Liccione

Our Mission: Kids First. Above All Else.


End the Mass Murder
of Our Children

"Whatsoever you do to the least of our children, that you do unto me."
                                                                          Matthew 25:40

Interdict and End
Child Sex Trafficking

STEM-Up Loan-Down
Education Initiative


The "Hopes and Prayers" Era is Over.

  •  A well-regulated militia being necessary... 

  • R&D subsidies to develop gun safety tech to match weapon to owner bio, RFID, GPS, safe storage, safety training.  

  • Use tech to limit rate of fire & to increase time to reload, magazine limits.

  • Give adults a window of opportunity to tackle and disarm during re-load.

  • Harden school, classroom doors, just like cockpit doors after 9/11.

  • Enhance red flag & ghost gun laws. 

Reduce Florida's
Insurance Costs

  • End the scourge of child sex trafficking in America.  

  • Massive investments in Child Defense Force under Homeland Security.

  • Interdict child sex trafficking rings on US soil and abroad with allies. Interdict an land, sea, and  air. 

  •  Seize the mega-yachts, private jets trafficking kids.

  • STEM-Up our Kids.

  • Drive down student loan debt burden.

  • End predatory lending practices.

  • Halve interest rates.

  • Allow student debt discharge in bankruptcy.

Arm Ukraine to the Teeth, Russian Reparations

Ban Russian Nuclear Fuel Imports, Invest in Clean Energy

  • 50% Reduction in Insurance Costs for Florida families Over 4 years.

  • Federal program outlawing profiteering.

  • Restore "Pre-DeSantist" tenant rights, housing price gouging.

  • Federal lawsuits against deadbeat landlords.

LGBTQ, Women, Minority, Voting, Civil Rights guaranteed. Teach true history

  • Appropriate funds to train Ukrainians on top-of-the-line weapon systems in air, land, sea, cyber. We double down.  

  • Assist Ukraine in execute a plan that delivers a Ukraine victory in 120 days.

  • Press NATO/Asia/Pac, ANZUS  partners, and Israel, to pitch in fair share.

  • No more free pass for Netanyahu while no Iron Dome for Ukraine

  • Get on the bus, Bibi!

Cyber-Security Strategic Defense Initiative

  • Massive Rebuild of US Nuclear Fuel  Production, Jobs.

  • Clean Energy  Investments. 

  • Eliminate Russian Nuclear Fuel Dependence Now! 

  • Levy sanctions on Russia's Rosatom: Make it a felony for any US company to  facilitate Putin's nuclear and radiological materials industry.

Secure ALL American Borders on Land, Air, and Sea

  • Roll back DeSantis attacks on LGBTQ & woman's rights.

  • Decriminalize teaching of shameful periods in American and world history: Slavery, Native American genocide, Japanese internment camps, the Nazi Holocaust.

  •  Investments in offensive and defensive cyber weapons, warriors

  • Recruit & train ESL immigrants to serve. 

  • Jobs,  Jobs, Jobs

  • Investment in tech, personnel

  • Quick Reaction Force (Airborne)

  • ISR Systems

  • Mobile air-deployable polygraph units. 

  • Grant  immigrants citizenship for 6-year's honorable military service

Tax Revenue Generation

Address Florida's Housing Crisis

Step 1: Vanquish the Poser. It All Starts Here, Now

  • Close Mega-rich tax loopholes

  • 20% minimum max on billionaires, multi-millionaires above $100M

  • 20% Minimum business tax  on billion-dollar mega- corps

  • Phase out overseas tax shelters 

  • American jobs export tax

  • When  you reap billions on the benefits of American infrastructure, education, labor, and democracy, you pay your fair share,

  • National minimum wage at least $15/hr

  • Sin tax on ill-gotten gains from doing any business with Russian, Chinese, Iran, North Korea.

  • Bring back federal dollars to scale up Pinellas County Section 8 housing voucher capacity

  • Roll back Desantis landlord  giveaways, tenant takeaways

  • Defeat Anna Luna in a 20+ point landslide in 2024

  • No hanging chad

  • No stop the steal

  • No doubt

  • No kidding

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