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Author, Founder, and CEO, RussiLeaks


John launched RussiLeaks in Washington D.C. in March of 2022, just after Russia invaded Ukriane. RussiLeaks' mission is the take-down of Vladimir Putin through exposure of his secrets, not America's, in defense of America, Ukraine, and democracy. Unlike any other America news media company, RussiLeaks' sole focus is on Russia and Putin, and on those Americans compromised by him that are doing his bidding in American society, government, and industry.  John's book, The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump, lays out his theory on Vladimir Putin's ten-year-old fascist plot to take down America through a race-baiting disinformation campaign, fueled by cyberwarfare, using techniques of psychological warfare and mind control, designed to distract and confuse America by laundering his hateful disinformation through Trump, Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News. The book discusses and explores elements of morality, human psychology, cyber-security, and proposes a set of goals, strategies, and a plan to solve our Putin-Trump problem.

Decorated Veteran, Korean Linguist,
NSA Intel Analyst, Staff Sergeant, Leader


John served six years in the U.S. Air Force and was promoted to Staff Sergeant in just three years.  He was both a ground-based and airborne Korean linguist and intelligence analyst, and served overseas at Osan Air Force base in South Korea, where he stood watch against the North Korean enemy.  He graduated at or near the top of his Korean language and cryptologic classes and was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal and qualified as a marksman on the M-16.  He also served at the NSA in both a military and civilian capacity.  He was honorably discharged from active duty service in 1982 and from the Active Reserves in 1984. Throughout John's Air Force service he was recognized as his peers and commanding officers as a leader who led by example.

Software Designer

John invented and brought to market two groundbreaking software and cloud products. Above is one, Boxtone for Blackberry, the world's first mobile device management solution.  The second was the Evergreen Disaster Recovery Management System (patented), an email disaster management solution that delivered fifteen-minute cloud-based disaster recovery for corporate and government email servers in the aftermath of 9/11. It was named "Best Disaster Recovery Service" in the world by SC Magazine in 2004.

Stepfather to One

John is also a devoted stepfather to his stepdaughter, Arielle. John tutored Arielle in math, took her to trombone practice, taught her how to secure her laptop from hackers, and he saw to her upbringing and safety as her father-protector.  Arielle would come to call John father, and John would come to see her as his third daughter.

Protesting With Ukrainian Activists at the Russian Embassy, July 2022


After launching RussiLeaks in Washington D.C. in 2022, John covered and participated in Ukrainian activists protests and vigils at the White House and at the Russian Embassy.  And now, he's running for Congress against Anna Luna, a Congresswoman seemingly so corrupted by Putin that she's quacking Putin's Ukraine agenda into the U.S. Congress by calling for the defanging and defunding of Ukraine.  She and her cohorts, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Lauren Boebert, are now marching in lock-step in their public fight against freedom and democracy in Ukraine. Unlike Anna Luna, John is a fearless defender of democracy and America, and puts his life on the line every day, investigating and publishing exposés, opinions, and commentary on Putin and his agents' secrets.

Electrical Engineer Preparing for Test Flight, High-Tech Executive

After graduating from the University of Maryland with his B.S. in electrical engineering, John designed cockpit modifications for U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy aircraft, and for U.S. Coast Guard HH-65A Dolphin helicopters, as shown above. He then went on to head up Research and Development at ARINC.  From there, in 1996, he would design and launch the airline industry's first-ever private Internet, dubbed "AOCnet." John would next help grow two high-tech companies through successful IPOs (USinternetworking and Tenable). He helped turn around a failing company (Panacya AKA Boxtone).  In 2011, he was placed in charge of Tenable's DOD ACAS contract. Tenable's ACAS software was subsequently deployed worldwide as the DOD's standard continuous cyber-security monitoring solution and is installed at all U.S. military installations and all navy ships, worldwide.

Devoted Father of Three

John and and his wife, Laura, raised three children together.  John is a devoted father.  He coached his kids' soccer, softball, and football teams. All three of John and Laura's children had successful college careers and have gone on to successful careers in private industry in aviation, electrical engineering, software development, and in defending animals and veterinary science.

Superb Intelligence Analyst and Linguist, 6940th Electronic Security Wing

While working at NSA Headquarters at Ft. Meade, Maryland, Staff Sergeant John Liccione earned the Air Force Achievement Medal, the certificate which reads:

"Staff Sergeant Liccione's outstanding professional linguistic and analytic skills contributed immeasurably to the support of national and theatre intelligence organizations. His attentiveness and application of linguistic analysis provided an incomparable resource in assisting the successful culmination of national intelligence objectives."

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