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The 12 Planks of the Liccione Platform


End School Mass Shooting Deaths in 4 Years

For Every Child a Shield

To Every School a Dog

  • An all-hands national child defense strategy to crush the school shooting death rate to 0 in 4 years

  • Armor classroom/school doors

  • Pre-positioning ballistic shields as life-saving stop-gap measure, like fire extinguishers and lift vests

  • Weapons-detection canine teams  in schools

  • Early detection and proactive psychological  intervention in student homicidal ideation scenarios (social media AI driven)

  • Detect and interdict shooter before school breach

  • AI-Driven ISR overwatch with facial, gun behavioral recognition

  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF) response

  • R&D subsidies for gun safety tech 


Interdict and End
Child Sex Trafficking

National Child Trafficking Watch Center


  • Multi-agency task force:  DNI, Cybercommand, FBI, DoD assets, White House NSC, DHS, USN/USCG.

  • Interdict child sex trafficking rings on US soil and our allies on land, air, sea.

  • Seize the mega-yachts, private jets trafficking kids.

  • Build multi-model defensive anti-trafficking shield around our children.

  • International quick reaction force (QRF).

  • Undersecretary level  position

  • DOJ/DOJ/DHS budget allocations

Saving  Democracy
Stand Against Autocracy


DVEX - A Democracy Vulnerability Exposure and Risk Management System for America

  • Identify and risk-assess and patch most critical threats to democracy- Emergency Democracy Security Patches

    • Top Secret/SCI Security Clearance Background Check With Full-Scope Polygraph required for Presidential candidates and sitting presidents

    • DOJ Process Security Patch: We CAN indict a sitting president - Issue executive order explicitly permitting presidential indictment

Civil Rights Restoration
Women's Reproductive, Voting, Minorities, LGBTQ Protections

  • Roll back attacks on women's reproductive rights - Return to Roe

  • Roll back attacks on minority, voting, and LGBTQ civil rights 

  • Decriminalize teaching of shameful periods in American history: Slavery, Native American genocide, Japanese internment camps

  • Teach true history - even when it's uncomfortable

STEM-Up - Loan-Down
Education Initiative

  • STEM-Up our Kids education capacity without subtracting from arts

  • Drive down student loan debt burden.

  • End predatory lending practices.

  • Halve interest rates.

  • Allow student debt discharge in bankruptcy.

  • Free 2-year community college

Invest in Clean Energy
Ban Russian Nuclear Fuel Imports

  • Massive Rebuild of US Nuclear Fuel  Production

  • Good-paying Union Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  • Clean Energy  Investments. 

  • Eliminate Russian Nuclear Fuel Dependence Now!

  • Levy sanctions on Russia's Rosatom: Make it a felony for any US company to  facilitate Putin's nuclear fuel  industry.

Reduce Florida's
Insurance/Housing Costs

  • 50% Reduction in Insurance Costs for Florida families Over 4 years.

  • Federal program outlawing profiteering.

  • Restore "Pre-DeSantist" tenant rights, housing price gouging.

  • Federal lawsuits against deadbeat landlords.

Secure Borders - Land, Air, and Sea

  • Investment in tech, personnel.

  • Quick Reaction Force (Airborne).

  • ISR Systems.

  • Mobile air-deployable polygraph units. 

  • Grant  immigrants citizenship for 6-year's honorable military service.

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Arm Ukraine, Russian Reparations

  • Appropriate funds to train Ukrainians on top-of-the-line weapon systems in air, land, sea, cyber. We double down. 

  • Assist Ukraine in execute a plan that delivers a Ukraine victory in 120 days.

  • Press NATO/Asia/Pac, ANZUS  partners, and Israel, to pitch in fair share.

  • No more free pass for Netanyahu while no Iron Dome for Ukraine

  • Get on the bus, Bibi!

Cyber-Security Investments

  •  Investments in offensive and defensive cyber weapons, warriors.

  • Recruit & train ESL immigrants to serve. 

  • Jobs,  Jobs, Jobs.

Tax Revenue Generation

  • Close Mega-rich tax loopholes.

  • 20% minimum max on billionaires, multi-millionaires above $100M.

  • 20% Minimum business tax  on billion-dollar mega- corps.

  • Phase out overseas tax shelters 

  • American jobs export tax.

  • When  you reap billions on the benefits of American infrastructure, education, labor, and democracy, you pay your fair share.

  • National minimum wage at least $15/hr.

  • Sin tax on ill-gotten gains from doing any business with Russian, Chinese, Iran, North Korea.

Address Florida's Housing Crisis

  • Bring back federal dollars to scale up Pinellas County Section 8 housing voucher capacity.

  • Roll back Desantis landlord  giveaways, tenant takeaways.

  • Defeat Anna Luna in a 20+ point landslide in 2024.

  • No hanging chad.

  • No stop the steal.

  • No doubt.

  • No kidding.

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