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Anna Luna's DOD Grudge Hurts Pinellas Beaches, Servicemembers, Revenues, the US Taxpayer, and National Security

Updated: Jun 7

Abusing the Army Corps of Engineers and the DOD as a campaign and personal enrichment strategy like Luna is doing won't solve Pinellas County's beach erosion problem.

Anna Luna and Andy Gamberzky's DOD Lawsuit (upper right), her AR-15 fundraising photo, and her advocacy at Trump trial in NYC

Luna and her husband Andy Gamberzky have a serious personal grudge against the DOD. Her attacks on the Army Corp of Engineers over the stalled Pinellas beach replenishment project are just the latest of 3 of Luna's DOD grudge match red flags.

The most serious Luna DOD grudge flag was hoisted by Luna and Gamberzky when they filed their multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the DOD and the USAF after Gamberzky voluntarily quit the Air Force in protest after refusing his COVID shot claiming a bogus religious exemption.  They filed that lawsuit (shown below) just before the COVID vaccine mandate was repealed by Congress. Interesting timing.



Luna's Hollow NDAA Brag on Twitter

The latest DOD grudge flag was her NO vote on this year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bill which provided a 5.2 percent military pay raise. She voted no AFTER having bragged on Twitter about how she had gotten her NDAA veteran's medical records amendment adopted. Yes, she voted against her own bragged-about veterans' amendment. This repeating pattern of DOD abuse is quite clear and now there is a lot of taxpayer money at stake.

In the 2 years since assuming office, Anna Luna and her performative approach to solving the Pinellas beach replenishment standoff has been ineffective.  She's doing worse than the absolute least she could be doing. She has written the Army Corps of Engineers a letter, then she grandstands about having written a letter. Now she’s trying to blackmail the Corps by threatening to defund it.  Weaponization of Congress' power of the purse much? She hasn't moved the needle one iota. She hasn’t actually met with or talked with anyone in the Biden administration about effecting positive change. Why? Because she doesn’t want to hand Biden a political environmental win here in Pinellas County.

Luna Glamour-Poses With Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Other Trump Surrogates at his NYC Trial

The only things Luna is interested in these days are (1) performing in her starring role as Cheer Captain in the Putin-Trump Puppet Brigade in the Theatre of the Absurd outside Trump's NYC trial, (AKA: Auditioning for Trump VP), (2) voting NO on Ukraine aid for Putin, (3) holding UFO hearings and bashing the Director of the DOD's All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), (4) suing the DOD for millions with her husband, and of course, (5) getting re-elected.

Unlike Luna, I bring to the table a fresh, new approach. Some divergent thinking. I'm an engineer and I bring a non-dogmatic STEM approach to solving problems in general, be they environmental, school shootings, or defending democracy.

Now, I have to ask, Luna hijinks notwithstanding, why is the Corps being put in this position as the sole decider on a Pinellas County civilian policy and property rights environmental easement matter in the first place? I'm a USAF veteran and an engineer myself and have much respect for the Army Corps of Engineers. That said, why is our military being put in this position of having to set the standard for number and type of easements required to proceed? It seems rather arbitrary and opaque, and it seems like something that can be addressed by Presidential executive order, or failing that, by Congressional mandate.

I call on President Biden, Congress, and the EPA to take this on.  Direct the Corps and the EPA to fall back to the previous easement rule that only required temporary easements for beach replenishment.  Or, better yet, let's conjure a more modern rule that takes into account the accelerating impact of climate change on our beaches.

Our Florida beaches are the engines of our tourism economy and by not doing that which is necessary within the Constitutional order to rebuild those engines, Florida's biggest source of tax revenue will sputter and die like a broken-down Corvette.

Beach property owners have rights under the Constitution which need to be respected.  They also have the right to hold what some might consider to be short sighted views on the degree to which their high property values may plummet as climate change continues to wreak more and more havoc on their beachfronts and homes while their insurance rates skyrocket. It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation between climate change denialism and beach easement denialism.  Especially now that Governor DeSantis has succeeded in implementing his form of extreme "woke-right" climate change denialism as the new law of the land here in Florida regulations.

It is unfair to scapegoat the Corps. The fact that Luna is abusing them to score political points with the science-denying element of her base makes a lot of sense - as a craven MAGA campaign strategy.  Especially considering how she's doing the same with the DOD/USAF at large, and at scale, in her and her husband's frivolous COVID vaccine religious exemption lawsuit, which appeals to the science-denying, anti-vax, Christian fundamentalist base. Seeking personal enrichment on the backs of our military and the US taxpayer and seeking re-election on the backs of the Army Corps of Engineers at the expense of Pinellas beach replenishment progress, all should be taken in a light least favorable to Luna.

The science says that climate change is real.  Pinellas beach restoration is a societal good from which all will benefit, private beachfront owners and the public alike. The Corp has the solution. It's just sitting there.  The money is just sitting there. 

Let's work together as reasonable adults to make it happen through acts of Congress and the executive branch under the remit of the EPA.

And to Anna Luna and Andy Gamberzky: Stop biting the hand that defends us.

And stop treating the DOD as if it were a wayward dog off its leash on Madeira Beach.

John Liccione

Rebel Democrat for Congress

Florida's 13th District



Paid for by John Liccione for Congress

For inquiries contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156 and [email protected]

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