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Anna Luna Votes NO on NDAA Troop 5.2% Pay Hike After Bragging About Own Amendment to NDAA

Champions her role in amending the NDAA for veterans medical records production on a taxpayer-funded campaign bulk mailer posing as a hurricane prepper: Violates Congressional ethics - Then votes against the NDAA and her own amendment.

Artwork by Ukrainian Artist Mariia Loniuk, Václav Havel Laureate

Anna Luna just cast a NO vote on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2024 with its 5.2% pay hike for the troops and veterans. Her no vote is breathtaking in it's abject hypocrisy topped off with a dollop of campaign finance regulation and house ethics rule skirting slight-of-hand.

She did this after having bragged about her own veteran's amendment to the NDAA, in writing and in full color graphics on a taxpayer-funded glossy campaign mailer thinly disguised as a hurricane prepper on the back. On side A, she touted herself as a champion for veterans, claiming, and I quote:

"In case you missed it. My NDAA Amendment was Adopted!"

The boast was in big-font bold white letters on a bright red background. Here it is below.

She went on to say that: "My amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act would require that service members receive a copy of their medical records NO LATER THAN 12 days after separation or retirement from the military. This problem has plagued veterans for many years, and I'm proud to get it done!"

But did she "get it done?" She worked to undo that which she had bragged about getting done. Getting medical records to new veterans quickly is a good thing, as far as it goes. I'd rather get the 5% raise but that's just me. But crowing about your amendment when you're simultaneously trying to shiv the troops and vets in the back by voting against a 5.2% pay hike? She voted against the NDAA, against her own veteran amendment. Why would someone do that? It's a mystery needing solving.

Below is what her flyer Side B hurricane prepper looked like.

Back on Side A - the campaign mailer side, you see her boasting about having brought in $42,572 of VA monies to District 13 Pinellas veterans, $20,000 from the DOD for someone or for something. The veteran and DOD numbers are pitifully low.

No Tuppence for Troops

There were about 88,000 veterans in Pinellas County as of 2020. Luna's had been in office 11 months when I received her mailer. She claims on the mailer to have netted only $42,572 in veteran monies over that period. Now, $42,572 divided by 334 days yields $133/day and if you spread that equally across our 88,000 Pinellas vets, that comes to an average payout of $0.0015 dollars (or 0.15 cents) per veteran, per day. Now that's what I call spinning mediocrity.

Anna Luna is a mediocre white woman of privilege.

Now, consider that the entire $42,572 in veteran monies could, at the other end of the spectrum, have all gone to a SINGLE Pinellas veteran, in the form of a lump-sum payment for back benefits. Since Luna doesn't disclose how many veterans, specifically, recevied that $42K, we're left to fill in the gaps with our imagination. I would suggest that's by design.

The question we all should be asking is, why the NO vote? We don't know why yet because Luna's not talking. She's been everywhere recently posting about no weapons for Ukraine, UFOs, Biden impeachment, Adam Schiff censure. She gives Putin aid and comfort while screwing our troops and vets, while crowing hypocritcally about helping our vets.

Her public behavior in Congress reveals abject hypocrisy, disrespect for our troops and our veterans and their families, and what is a totally freaky obsession with UFOs and Russia. And these two obsessions of hers run so very deep, she's now acting is if she's an enemy not of just Ukraine, but our entire Department of Defense, our veterans, and of all of us here in Pinellas County and America.

Here are 4 questions Pinellas County voters demand answers to from Luna. First up are the UAPs.

QUESTION 1: Did Luna vote NO because the House had just stripped the Act of the provision for establishment of an independent UAP oversight board for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (FKA UFOs) that was to be charged with reviewing and decassifying UAP information?

QUESTION 2: Did Luna Vote NO because the Act authorized a relatively small amount of new military aid to Ukraine?

QUESTION 3: Are her NO vote on the NDAA and her Ukraine-aid obstructionism linked in some fashion? For example, are they a result of Russian blackmail?

QUESTION 4: If yes to 3 above, what Kompromat might the Russians have on her and her husband Andy Gamberzky?

If the answer to QUESTION 1 is yes, then she just threw our troops, veterans, force readiness, and their family's morale and welfare under the bus at the alter of her selfish alien obsession. If true, her NO vote should be seen as nothing more than a petulant child's temper tantrum. She just "Tubervilled" our military - on steriods. As Trump's newly crowned "MAGA Princess of Chaos" now that Princess Ivanka's fled the Kingdom, Luna is channeling King Donald's own "temper-tantrum-py" schtick.

Just like that brat girl in the old Willy Wonka movie, she wants her UFOs, now! And by God, if she can't get and publish the President's Book of Alien Secrets to the Russian GRU, she's taking her YES vote and going St Petersburg... where she can fume and stew over the Christmas break.

Who Doesn't Want to Know About Alien Life?

We all want to know if aliens exist, whether they're already here, if they look like lizards or blue avians or Jabba the Hut, or us. We all would love to find out if the US government is in possession of alien artifacts and whether we've been reverse-engineering their tech as a matter of national security. But we shouldn't publicly expose that information to Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, or Hamas, just to satisfy our selfish curiosity. Let's stop putting all this misguided focus on non-humans, and focus on the humans right here in this District.

Denying all our military and veterans a 5.2% payraise in THIS economy because you didn't get your way on alien secrets? That's way worse than Tommy Tuberville holding up generals' promotions over abortion travel expense reimbursement. Luna's NO vote is her petulant, juvenile way of saying "If I can't get my UFOs, I'm taking my yes vote and going home!"

The Impact on Force Readiness, Families, Retention, and Recruitment

Holding up generals' promotions is bad enough. But this Luna vote? Denying everyone a 5.2% pay raise were her NO vote to carry the day? That would drive more troops to opt-out and jump to the private sector. In our all-volunteer military, it will hammer our recruitment and retention targets. It will hurt force readiness. It will be an NCO brain drain, and our NCOs are the backbone of our military.

Russiya! Russiya! Russiya!

As to the Ukraine aid in the NDAA being the showstopper for Luna question. If the answer is yes, that's why she cast the NO vote, that means that as long as she remains in office, Luna will continue to act to launder Putin's Ukraine agenda into the US Congress to the benefit of Russia over Ukraine. That's a Russia-First America-Last agenda. In doing so, she's construcively acting as an unregistered Russian agent - in plain sight - under cover of the speech and debate clause, just like Matt Gaetz and others in the so-called Freedom Caucus. And it's just like those Nazi-enabling Congressman did for Hitler back before they were all exposed in the seditious conspiracy trial of 1944. That is a true story that's been covered definitively in Rachael Maddow's Ultra Podcast. Per Ms. Maddow:

"The prosecution exposed a Nazi-backed plot that connected sitting members of Congress — many of them tied to the original, nativist America First movement — and militias and street thugs who wanted to overthrow the republic and install a fascist, authoritarian regime."

Sound familiar?

Luna co-sponsored Matt Gaetz' original Ukraine Fatigue Resolution last January in a failed effort to end all military aid to Ukraine which would ensure a Putin victory and the enslavement of over 30 million free Ukrainians. She travelled to Warsaw and lied about President Zelenskyy claimly falsely that he was demanding F-35s instead of F-16s. She criticizes and mocks President Zelenskyy - but not Vladimir Putin. Who does that sound like? She worked to get Ukraine aid dropped from the last continuing resolution: She said she fly up to DC and vote no if she had to.

Russian Blackmail?

And finally, as to the Russian blackmail question. If Luna and her husband Andy Gamberzky are compromised, they need to run to the FBI and disclose it in return for a reduced sentence, limited immunity, federal protection, and resignation. And if they are compromised, what form of Kompromat might Russia have developed on them? The scuttlebut within SOCOM and the USAF is that a credible and decorated federal whistleblower with corroborating witnesses has come forward and has accused Luna and her husband of crimes and other blackmail-worthy scandalous behavior. Stay tuned.

Pinellas County Voters - Watch Closely

The voters in Pinellas County need to closely watch what Luna does, not what she says. She just cast a NO vote on a 5.2% military pay increase at a time our veterans and troops are getting crushed in this DeSantis-stoked runaway Florida economy, while ignoring our skyrocketing insurance and housing costs.

Luna won't be receiving any UFO non-fiction literature under her Christmas tree this year and that's a good thing. But more importantly, let's ensure she doesn't gain access to sensitive information like the The Presidents Book of Alien Secrets: Ever. She can't be trusted to not to slip it to Putin given her proclivities.

The goal for 2024 should be clear: Prevent Luna's re-election and maintain the integrity of Top Secret/SCI classified information that is so vital to our national security.

The universe and Florida can certainly be a strange wonderful place, what with all these aliens and UAPs and hypocrits.

I'm the most qualified and best equipped Luna challenger in this race, given her unique and bizarre vulnerabilities and proclivities. I ask you for your vote in the primary next August and in the general election in November.

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