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Attorney Thumb Drive Stolen From Congressional Candidate (D) John Liccione’s US Mail

Files prove conspiracy to hack Liccione laptop, malicious prosecution in 2019, case dismissal

A thumb drive containing subpoenaed records mailed to me by my former MD attorney was extracted from its envelope by way of a razor-cut slit last week.  See pictures below. I noticed the missing thumb drive and the razor-cut in the envelope when I retrieved it from my mailbox.  The jagged tear in the envelope was from me opening it with my finger.

John Liccione's Mailbox and Campaign Sign
John Liccione's Mailbox

Security camera footage indicates the drive was not stolen from my mailbox, but had to have been stolen either en route or at my attorney’s office in Linthicum Heights Maryland.     

The thumb drive contained subpoenaed records I had compelled my old lawyer to produce in advance of a hearing in a case in Carroll County MD where I’ve been seeking access to my expunged case records from 2019, some of which show my computer was hacked and GoPro videos were stolen off it two years prior in 2017.  This is part of my continued effort to combat all the disinformation and smears spread about me by my own Pinellas Democratic Party leader, Jennifer Griffith, who defamed me to the Tampa Bay Times last November.

It's been reported to the local police as well as to the US Postal Inspector's office. 

Now, I’m not all that, but someone just messed with the US Mail of a Democratic Congressional candidate here in Pinellas County Florida. They stole his MD lawyer’s thumb drive, a device which contained the subpoenaed court records and the personal/business records of his lawyer.

First, Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith defamed me to the Tampa Bay Times. Then she swiped one of my campaign signs in front of 50+ witnesses at a Party membership meeting, and I had to file for a restraining order to get her to de-escalate.  Then the Russian FSB sent me a threat: “See you soon” it said, then my RussiLeaks website was hacked. Read that story here.

Now, someone just swiped my lawyer’s thumb drive on its way to me right out of the US Mail, a federal crime.  That’s apporaching Watergate-level felony in a hotly contested Congressional election in which I, as RussiLeaks Founder and CEO and author of the book, "The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump," am Donald Trump's, Vladimir Putin's, and Anna Luna's worst nightmare as a Congressional candidate and advocate for arming Ukraine against Russia.

This is only the newest chapter in what is the Florida Theatre of the Politically Bizarre that is my Congressional race here in FL’s 13th District.

Please consider these increasingly desperate dirty acts being undertaken in this on-going effort to suppress my campaign by my own party leaders, and others.

And when you do so, please consider donating to my campaign....and voting for me in the August (all ye Democrats) and again in November.

John Liccione

Rebel Democrat for Congress, FL's 13th District


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact John Liccione, 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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