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AWOL Anna Luna Stiffs State of the Union, Constituents

Updated: Mar 29

John Liccione cites dereliction of duty: Calls for removal from office by ballot.

AWOL Anna Luna has just plopped herself in the gutter that lies beneath the gutter that conveys the sewage coming out of the mouths of Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Matt Gaetz. She has to look up to look down. By choosing AWOL versus presence at the SOTU address, Luna has given the finger to each and every citizen in Pinellas County’s 13th District.

She was elected to “represent” her constituents in the House of “Representatives," physically, inside the US Capitol. Instead, she chose to “un-represent.” She is, by choice, our “Unrepresentative Anna Luna.”

AWOL Anna just took a metaphorical shite on the floor of the seat of our Democracy, just as the Jan 6th insurrectionists did literally.

Vladimir Putin puppetry of Anna Luna, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Lauren Boebert at the US Capitol
Putin-Puppets Gone Wild (by Max Murashko)

In Bizarro World

I’ll begin my analysis of her bizarre and unprecedented behavior with the following questions and observations.
1. Where was she physically that night?
2. What was she actually doing that night?
3. Who was she with?
4. Was she communicating with Kremlin operatives? (WhatsApp?)
5. What is the name of the Putin operative that directed her to go AWOL?
6. Is she kompromised and being blackmailed by the Russian mafia and Putin?
7. What comes up when you Google the words “secret recording, Anna Luna, and Russian mafia?” (Check out the search results for yourself.)
8. Does she even have any agency?


She's Lying

Don’t for a minute believe she’s telling the truth about her reasons for going AWOL. I won’t give them the dignity of republishing them.

Even that abomination “My body my choice” grenade-throwing Marjorie Taylor Green showed up to heckle Biden – and proceeded to once again make a fool out of herself in her Make Russia Great Again-enabling MAGA gear. Marjorie Martyr said she’d pay the fine. Wow, what courage. After already having misappropriated the old abortion rights slogan as an excuse for mask-lessly breathing COVID air molecules into the faces of her fellow members in a closed room during the January 6th insurrection, next she’s going to appropriate John Lewis’ “Good Trouble” mantra. Wait for it.

You always go to the State of the Union address...unless you're the designated survivor. Even Justice Alito and Clarence Thomas went. Even Matt Gaetz went.

If you can’t even show up as is your duty as a sitting member of Congress absent a personal emergency, a refusal to show up is an impeachable offense to be tried by ballot. Can you image if Nancy Pelosi refused to show up for a Trump-de-Dumpty State of the Union?

To the Republican, Independent, and Democratic voters of Pinellas County: She chose to go AWOL (or perhaps was blackmailed into going AWOL) in your name. The least she could have done is apologize to her constituents, or maybe show up and heckle Biden, no? Perhaps she was too afraid of a snappy Biden comeback line.

And to the Democratic voters here in District 13. The fact that I alone, out the 6 Democratic candidates in this primary race, am the only one publicly shaming AWOL Anna for dereliction of duty says something about me and my five opponents. I am also the only candidate who has published a Putin-Trump takedown book. It's entitled "The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump: Pay No Attention to the With Russian behind the Curtain. Vladimir Putin's fascist, race-baiting, Wizard of Oz strategy to take down America without firing a shot. That's right. I literally called it 5 years ago. Download and read it: It's free, and a short read.

Focus, Focus, Focus

I am focused like a laser beam. It shows what a tough and effective campaigner I am and how effective I will be against Putin-Puppet Luna, specifically. If nominated to be your anti-Luna, anti-fascist champion in the August primary, we will vanquish her in November.

I will tell you this. These are not Florida Democratic Party-provided talking points. These are all mine. The Democratic Party is openly defaming me and denying me party resources and is suppressing my campaign. They have fashioned me into the Rebel Democrat in this race. So be it.

Now my Democratic opponents are all decent people and any one of us would be deserving of your vote in November. Whoever wins, I will continue to tirelessly work to defeat Luna and the Putin-Trump.

The Local-to-Geopolitical Stakes

This race has not just local but national and international ramifications. We are a swing district in the biggest swing state that will likely decide the presidential election, who will control the House and Senate, the US military, the DOJ and our Intelligence Agencies, who will be the next two Supreme Court justices, who will win the war in Ukraine, and whether NATO will even remain intact as an integrated, effective deterrent.

You have the power with your vote to deliver a two-vote swing in Congress to end mass school shootings in 4 years with my “For Every Child a Shield” initiative; to save our democracy; to secure a Ukrainian victory over Russia, to beef up our borders, to strengthen NATO, to restore women’s Roe-standard abortion rights and the civil rights of all Americans. To stand up for diversity, equity, and inclusion values. Just to name a few Liccione deliverables. See more on my campaign site's Mission page where I show the 12-planks of the Liccione Platform.

As the Rebel Democratic being shunned, shamed, and defamed by his own Party leaders, this statement is a measure of how I stand head and shoulders above my Democratic opponents in my ability to take on and take down AWOL Anna Luna and the Putin-Trump.

I have the chops, the strategy, and the plan to flip enough Reagan Republicans and Independents to deliver a Florida Blue landslide victory here in Pinellas in 2024.

The battle for the soul of the universe begins right here in Pinellas County. We are ground zero in this post-WWII generations’ democratic counterassault on this Hitler 2.0 movement led by Vladimir Putin-Trump and their MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Luna.

Let’s act to be the change we want to see in the world my fellow Democrats in Pinellas.

Choose wisely.

John Liccione for Congress
For media inquiries contact John Liccione, 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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Mar 20

30 pages is a book? I wrote longer papers in grade school. The "book" is shite, BTW.


Mar 19
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

This is a yet another fact-free posting from God Emperor Liccione. What a buffoon.


Mar 18
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.
  • Choose wisely!

  • Delusions and Paranoia

  • Mentally incompetent


  • “In an August 28 competency proceeding, after hearing “details that referenced delusions and paranoia,” the court handling Liccione’s criminal case declared him mentally incompetent and a danger to himself and others. Liccione was committed to the Springfield Psychiatric Hospital.”

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