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Back-to-Back Restraining Orders Filed Against Pinellas Dem Party Chair Jennifer Griffith by Congressional Candidate John Liccione

Updated: 5 days ago

Griffith loses it after caught swiping campaign sign. Accosts Liccione becomes unhinged in front of witnesses.

Last night while I was in the men's room at a Pinellas Democratic Party membership meeting at the St Pete College Epicenter, Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith slinked out of the meeting room after she saw me leave and she swiped my campaign sign that I had placed outside the meeting room in the hallway.

That's Griffith later walking down the hallway accompanied by a security guard she had snitched to. That's my campaign sign on the right after I had recovered it and put it back.

Over 50 eyewitnesses saw her re-enter the meeting room with my sign in her hands as she walked to the back of the room and put it sign against the back wall.

My primary opponents, Whitney Fox and Jay Weinkrantz saw her do it too. Whitney and Jay and I were all sitting at the same table. I noticed when I entered and sat down that Griffith had allowed Whitney to place an 8-foot-tall poster of herself inside the meeting room next to our table. On the poster, Whitney was larger than life. I complimented her on her awesome sign. In comparison, my campaign sign, as you can see, is just a regular campaign sign, about 3 feet by 2 feet. As soon as Griffith swiped my sign, she ordered Whitney to take her poster down in a pitiful retroactive attempt to escape accountability for her discriminatory behavior. It's clear that Whitney Fox is the establishment's chosen candidate and Griffith is doing everything she can, including now crossing over the line to grabbing my campaign sign, and verbally accosting me, to break my campaign.

During the meeting my four democratic primary opponents were each given 2 minutes to speak to the membership. Griffith denied me the opportunity and would not even acknowledge my presence as a Democratic Congressional Candidate. I expected that. Not this.

Also during the meeting, two members of the Democratic Party of St. Pete would demand to know over Zoom why their club was not being given equal promotional presence on the Party website. Jennifer Griffith, who had refused to place their logo on the Party website, got angry and claimed that only she had the power to place their club on the Party website. I guess that means she must have been the one who was responsible for it not being posted it in the first place.

Griffith became really snippy but finally, she begrudgingly committed to having the Club's logo and name added to the website. She could deign to get to it in a few weeks. I will note that at the last St. Pete Democrats club meeting, the club president and the Treasurer Jim Donelon had defied Jennifer Griffith's demands to not allow me to speak to the Club members at the upcoming meeting. That meeting was also was attended by Whitney Fox and Jay Weinkrantz. Griffith got caught retaliating against the Democratic Club of St. Petersburg. This was because Treasurer James Donelon made a public statement in which he had accused Griffith of denying me equal treatment in the primary race.

John Liccione's Campaign Sign in the Hallway

Returning from the bathroom and seeing my sign had been swiped, I asked several people, including party grievance committee chair Bruce Bordeaux who was outside for a smoke break, if they had seen who swiped my sign. Bruce hadn't. I also asked another man who had just walked out to his car. He said he didn't see what happened. Me and Bruce walked back inside and began looking for my sign. I was told that Griffith swiped my sign and placed it at back of the meeting room.

After having already been slandered by Griffith publicly in the Tampa Bay Times, I wasn't going to put up with this kind petty, vindictive behavior. I placed my sign back out in the hallway. After the meeting adjourned, I stood next to my sign and introduced myself to members, as shown below: Those are my white tennis shoes.

I had a great conversation with Van Farber who would regale me with stories of how he played basketball as a young man with New York Knick's superstar Walt Frasier. He told me he was New York City guy. He grew up in the Bronx and his neighborhood friends included included the famous singer, Bobby Darin.

Out stormed Jennifer Griffith. She got all up in my face and demanded I remove my sign. I did not respond in any way and just kept my mouth shut and my face deadpan. She became increasingly irate and escalated the situation further, demanding that I take my sign down. I tried to calm her down by telling her she needed to "de-escalate" but to no avail.

John Liccione's Campaign Sign - John Liccione for Congress:  Building Florida, Saving America
John Liccione's Campaign Sign

I thought in the moment that Griffith might lose it and assault me given the hatred on her face and I began worrying about my safety. She became increasingly unhinged. I told her she had no power over me. This totally infuriated her and the hatred on her face was palpable. Then she threatened to snitch on me with building security. I wasn't impressed.

At that point I realized that the only way to protect myself was to start recording video. I pulled out my phone and began recording as she went to the front and began talking to a security officer. When she saw me approach with my phone, she responded with some derisive comment, then she went into the bathroom. I did not approach or say anything and I immediately went back to my sign.

After she didn't come back I walked back toward the front and I saw she was walking back accompanied by the security guard and I began recording.

I don't know what she said to the guard but I called out to the guard and told him that Griffith was harassing me. The guard responded that it seemed I was the harasser and made some comment about me recording video. I told him this was America and invoked the 1st Amendment and that I was acting as a citizen reporter. The 3 of us walked back to my sign and the two of them re-entered the meeting room. I heard the security guard tell Griffith that he didn't know whether the sign should be removed. I didn't see them again. After most of the members left, I picked up my sign and drove home without further incident.

This is how an abuser and bully behaves. Accuse the abused of exactly what the abuser is guilty of. Falsely accuse the victim of being the abuser to the authorities. Feign victimhood to get the authorities to do what your victim refuses to do at your demand.

It seems that many automatically assume the man is the aggressor whenever a woman and a man both claim abuse. I had a PTSD flashback as I realized Griffith, like my ex, might have me arrested on false pretenses by lying to the security guard and the police.

After processing what had just happened, when I woke up today I filed what was the 2nd petition for a restraining order in two days against Griffith. This has now become an escalating, repeating pattern of stalking and harassing behavior that has now gotten the point that the Chair of the Pinellas Democratic Party felt entitled to swipe a Democratic Candidate's campaign sign, then accost him in anger in the hallway in front of 50 witnesses.

So, in addition to the two restraining orders, I'll also be filing a grievance with Party grievance committee chair Bruce Bordeaux.

According to the Pinellas CASA website as shown above, 1 in 4 men are victims of domestic violence. One in 3 are women are. One in 15 are children. Per simple math that means the odds that the woman is the abuser in 25% of domestic abuse incidents.

Jennifer Griffith hath become, in a different way, an abuser of a different kind. She has abused her power in office in a failed attempt to violate my 1st Amendment right to free speech, and my right to equal treatment under law and freedom from discrimination on the basis of sex and disability under the Equal Rights Act and the American's with Disabilities Act.

She has verbally now abused me in public in front of witnesses. Griffith's abject hypocrisy is breathtaking. While in the meeting she claimed that she and the Democratic Party are all about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. There is no DEI exception for straight white male veterans over sixty who are domestic violence survivors coping with PTSD because of it. I'm not one to whine about being subjected to reverse discrimination. I support DEI initiatives. It really is effective within the military, ever since Harry Truman ordered the integration of the US military. It's a matter a combat readiness. Calling racial sensitivity training in the military woke is a joke guys.

I'm moderately liberal and am a champion of equal rights for all Americans. I support affirmative action to correct past institutional racism. I support a woman's right to an abortion and a return to the Roe standard. But it seems clear that the Democratic party has been infected with its own form of "institutional sexism."

Four of my favorite Democratic leaders are Alexander Ocasio Cortez, Maryland's Jamie Raskin, Val Demings, and Gretchen Witmer. My two least favorite Democratics are now Jennifer Griffith and Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried. Fried has ignored my appeal for a reversal of the Party's candidate vetting failure decision and my calls for Griffith's removal from office. There is a rot within the Democratic Party, particularly here in Florida, it seems. Someone is there behind the scenes pulling the strings.

It could be some hostile foreign actor driving this conspiracy. If Putin can compromise Trump and his MAGA Princes of Chaos Anna Luna, and Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor-Green, and FBI Counter-Intelligence Director Bruce McGonigal, what better way to prevent the Founder and CEO of RussiLeaks from ascending to the US Congress, than getting the Democratic Party leadership to do it for them.

Putin is a Ped Speech at the Russian Embassy

In July of 2022 I have gave a fiery speech into the cameras at the gates of the Russian embassy where I called Putin a pedophile and demanded the Russians in the embassy and the Generals to defect or overthrow Putin. The Russian troops at the gate tried to break my foot by slamming down the pneumatic ramp in front of the gate. Swing and a miss Vlad.

I am Vladimir Putin's personal enemy. I mean really. Called Putin a pedophile directly into the Russian security cameras, you can bet they sent that footage to Moscow. The Russians are reading every one of my posts and they keep trying to hack into RussiLeaks and my websites. So are the Chinese. I can see the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency (SVR) source IP addresses accessing every post on my campaign website and they've been downloading copies of my book: "The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump" (Download it. It's free).

Believe me when I say this. Of all of the Congressional candidates in America, there is no one Putin and Trump want to see run against Anna Luna more than me. I am, in my way, their worst nightmare. I am challenging two emperor wannabes and their Putin-Trump MAGA Princess of Chaos. A vote for me is a two-vote swing against them all. It's also a two-vote swing to end mass school shootings in four years under my For Every Shield a Child initiative , which will be my first bill introduced in 2025.

For Jennifer Griffith, this was a swing and a miss too. I have to wonder. Given as angry, increasingly unhinged and vindictive she has become, has the Democratic party also been infiltrated somehow? We'll find out in discovery.

Stay Tuned for the Hearing Date

So, I'll see y'all at the restraining order hearing soon. And that includes my star witnesses: My worthy opponents Whitney Fox and Mark Weinkrantz. Watch for your subpoenas Whitney and Mark. Whitney, bring your 8-foot-tall amazing poster with you for the judge to see. I'll be calling you both as witnesses for the Petitioner where you'll be compelled (or just voluntarily agree) to testify against your own rogue Pinellas Democratic Party Chair.

I'll be pulling that security video from the St. Pete College Epicenter too. I can't wait to see that footage of Jennifer Griffith swiping my campaign sign. Priceless.

Liccione out.


John Liccione for Congress

For press inquiries contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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