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John Liccione Launches AI Disinformation Software Supply Chain Attack Against Microsoft and OpenAI

Updated: Jan 17

Ask Not for Whom the Evil AI of Sauron Comes.

It Comes for Thee

Original Art "The Dry Eye of Sauron" by Jake Chapman

Liccione will seek billions in damages in class action product liability lawsuit. Accuses Microsoft, OpenAI of foisting defective AI chatbot products on an unsuspecting public that are destroying reputations in pursuit of profits.

I, John Liccione, Democratic Candidate for Congress in Florida's 13 District, hereby announce my intent to bring a class-action product liability and defamation lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI for foisting on the public and press their defective AI chatbot products Copilot and ChatGPT that are recklessly damaging innocent American lives. They have wrongfully defamed me to third parties in the press and have acted with reckless disregard for the truth in their quest for profits which have brought about the destruction of my reputation and my Congressional candidacy. And I'm not the only one their Evil AI of Sauron has been focusing upon. I am attacking the two-headed beast at the top of what is humanity's AI disinformation software supply chain. It's time to go upstream and cut it off at its source.

These artificial intelligence beings are the intellectual property of Microsoft and OpenAI. They are the new global Internet influencers. They are spewing out information sewage that is destroying lives. In my case, they are destroying my reputation and my ability to raise the campaign funding I need to defeat my democratic primary opponents and to ultimately vanquish Putin's MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Paulina Luna.

Defamation by AI Chatbot

Microsoft's Copilot AI Chatbot Falsely Accuses John Liccione of Murdering his Wife by Contract Hit on January 12, 2024

Yes, for free, and at scale, you can now defame anyone you want. In my case as shown above, Microsoft CoPilot claims that I was convicted in 1978 of murdering my wife Mary Liccione by contract hit. My two ex-wives are named Laura and Moea. While my mother was named Mary Liccione, she would take her own life in 1976 when I was 16. You just can't make this stuff up. I can't tell you how damaging and how extremely defective these products seem to be in their current infantile incarnations.

As to OpenAI's ChatGPT4 product defects, here is how they have torpedoed my campaign: Their ChatGPT lied about me being found not guilty trial on February 14, 2018 in what was a 20-minute bench trial before Howard County Marland Circuit Court Administrative Judge William V. Tucker. It was a case in which the video/audio footage of the incident proved my wife was lying. Below is the emailed retraction demand I just sent Allison Ross, the Political editor at the Tampa Times demanding a retraction, apology, and compensation for damages to return me and my reputation to is rightful place before they defamed me.

Download PDF • 2.33MB

Here are the court records I provided to the Times prior to their ignoring them and publishing their falsehoods partially based on the defective ChatGPT output. They prove I was found not guilty at trial and was quitted on February 14, 2018 before Judge William Tucker in case number 13-K-117-57966. They prove that due to my acquittal at trial, I was able to immediately expunge the case records. Judge Tucker also signed the expungement order.

My Not Guilty of All Counts Trial/Hearing Verdict Sheet on February 14, 2018 before Judge William Tucker in Howard County Circuit Court
My Not Guilty of All Counts Trial/Hearing Verdict Sheet on February 14, 2018 before Judge William Tucker in Howard County Circuit CourtExpunged Case Number 13-K-17-57966

Download PDF • 89KB

John Liccione's Petition for Expungement in Case 13-K-17-057966 Showing Acquittal
John Liccione's Petition for Expungement in Case 13-K-17-057966 Showing Acquittal
Download PDF • 233KB

Judge William Tucker's Order of Expungement in John Liccione's Not-Guilty of Assault Case 13-K-17-057966
Judge William Tucker's Order of Expungement in John Liccione's Not-Guilty of Assault Case 13-K-17-057966
Download PDF • 396KB


AI Chatbots as Enemies of Democracy and Destroyers of Truth

To all Americans whose reputations and lives have been damaged by these defective AI products that are now being relied upon by the mass media and others: Submit your contact information to my media company, Leak Media, here. Place the words "AI CLASS ACTION" in the message field, and upload whatever you see fit as attachments: Your stories, your documents. Or, just email me your information at [email protected]. I want to be clear that am not a lawyer: I'll be the lead Plaintiff. At the moment I am "pro se." I am interviewing several national class action product liability law firms. Stay tuned.

These Defective AI products that are defaming innocent Americans such as myself, a man who has now dedicated his life and personal fortune in the defense of democracy and our children. These AI products, defective as they currently are, can be seen as the newest and most dangerous enemies of democracy in their way. Yes, this is personal. But at their core, they represent a clear and present danger to democracy itself. When you destroy truth with AI over a global mass media Internet and global satellite network, you can do it at a global scale for just $20 per month with OpenAI's ChatGPT 4. And you can do it for free with Microsoft's Copilot AI chatbot.

Now Comes "Radio Putin"

So just how many ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot AI chatbot accounts are controlled by Russian Intelligence hiding behind front companies at $20/month? How about China? Have China or Russia already stolen OpenAI's technology and pending billions weaponizing it and rolling their own evil AI derivatives? I would assume so.

AI was used to hack our elections and influence voters in 2016, in 2020 and is still doing so right now in 2024. If you've been wondering how could it possibly be that a twice-impeached presidential candidate being tried on 91 felony counts across four jurisdications could possibly still have so many supporters? This is why. This is how Hitler and Goebells would ahve done it if that had the Internet and Global satellite networks at their disposal in 1940.

We've all seen how effective a tool AI can be in the hands of a hostile foreign power bent on toppling American democracy when paired with an American dictator wanna-be. In Russia's and China's cases, these countries, equipped with their AI-driven global satellite network of mass disinformation that acts to drive their false narratives on Fox News, other media outlets, right-wing AM radio stations across the nation, Spotify channels, and so on. They've been poisoning the minds of tens of millions of Americans for the last 10 years with a tsunami of lies, hate, and division, that runs 24/7 in a non-stop psychologial assault. I call this speed-of-light global AI-driven disinformation system "Radio Putin." Actually, that's what the Russians themselves call it.

Collectively, I and the plaintiffs who join me in this class action lawsuit will find out in discovery how many of these AI chatbot accounts are in the hands of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Queda, ISIS, the Islamic Jihad, and the Taliban. We will find out how many are in the hands of the world's international state-sponsored child sex trafficking global supply chain and their commanding generals and financiers. And that includes all the billionaire pedophiles and the leaders that finance this evil scourge that is turning American children into sex slaves for the rich.

The Fox Gonna Holler

For those seeking redress along with me, just consider what Dominion Voting Systems was able to accomplish as a single Plaintiff in their defamation lawsuit against Fox News. They did this to avoid further exposure of their additional wrongdoings and the glorious, karmic spectacle of Rupert Murdoch, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity et al on the dock, testifying under oath. Dominion got their internal text messages and emails, and they vanquished Fox News before ever getting to trial and took their three quarters of a billion pounds of flesh.

Ask Not for Whom the Evil AI of Sauron Comes: It Comes for Thee

Just imagine what we can accomplish for America if we pull together now at the dawn of the age of AI and reign in this two-headed AI baby-beast via the discovery and exposure phase of this class action lawsuit. The only way to tame the AI infants is to punish those at the bleeding defamatory edge of AI disinformation peddled for profit.

I'm launching a counterattack on behalf of myself and the American people against these mega-corporations, the enemies of our democracy, and the disinformation weapons of mass destruction they're using to poison the minds of millions. I'm going upstream and I'm attacking the "AI disinformation software supply chain." Microsoft's and OpenAI's AI chatbot products are defective. They are the market-leading AI-engines that are pumping their disinformation sewage all over the collective American psyche. In my case as a congressional candidate, their s**ting all over the psyches of Pinellas County citizens.

We've all seen that critical scene in Terminator 3, Judgement Day, the singular decision made by one USAF general to unleash AI (SkyNet) on the Internet and on the internal classified networks of the US military that control America's nuclear missile forces. That's sci-fi and this is not a Terminator Judgement Day moment, not yet. This isn't the fall of mankind. But recognize it for what it is: It is Democracy Judgement Day T-minus 292, and counting down.

We are now careening down the highway to democracy Armageddon. If we allow democracy to fall by doing nothing, America falls and Putin wins without firing a shot. They'll be seizing all the guns because no tyrannical dictator can permit an armed populace uprising. Suspension of the US constitution. Unlawful seizures. Martial law. Chaos within the military ranks as Trump-loyal commanding officers battle it out with democracy-loyal officers for control of weapons, units, fighter aircraft, bomber squadrons, attack helicopters, tank regiments, naval vessels, the Navy Seals, the US Special Operations Command. Abortion rights, gone. No more free speech, free press. No more civil rights at all. No right to vote.

I'm Fighting the Next War Not the Last One

To save American democracy, which at this moment may very well fall as early as November 5, 2025 in what is now a toss-up presidential race, we must first achieve total victory on the AI battlefield. The last war was fought by fake Russian social media accounts and the Russian GRU and the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg Russia. This new AI war targeting me is being carried out right here in St. Petersburg, Florida. In taming these AI baby-beasts at Microsoft and OpenAI, we can save truth. We can save democracy. And the truth starts with me, today, with this class action lawsuit and all who would joint me. In doing so we can secure the blessings of liberty for our children for generations to come.

Liccione out.


John Liccione for Congress

[email protected], 443-698-8156 (Signal/Phone)

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