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DailyKOS Yanks John Liccione's Heavy-Metal Toxicology Reports Proving Poisoning

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

For Immediate Release

Gulfport Florida, November 4, 2023

Progressive social media platform DailyKOS just deleted Florida Democratic Congressional Candidate John Liccione's November 1st "Jenny-Gate Scandal" article shortly after he had posted pictures within the comment thread of the 5 heavy-metal toxicology reports and photographs proving he is a domestic violence survivor that's been poisoned 4 times since 2013. They also yanked court documents consisting of (1) a not guilty verdict sheet proving he had been found not guilty at trial in 2018 and was fully exonerated of the false accusations that his abusive ex-wife levied against him in 2017, and (2) the Order of Expungement of the case.

John Liccione's DailyKOS Account With Skull and Crossbones Ban, November 3, 2023

Guilty After Proven Innocent

"It seems that in the bizarro-world standard of review for DailyKOS, the Tampa Bay Times, and certain Florida Democratic Party leaders, you're guilty even after proven innocent," said John Liccione. "At least in cases where a male domestic violence victim was assaulted and poisoned by his beautiful blonde wife. I guess inside the DailyKOS and Florida Democratic Party echo chamber, wives can never poison husbands with uranium and thorium for his money or other reasons and damn the science and full smear ahead. This sounds a lot like the Trumpian denial of the COVID science and his firing the head of the CDC and installing his own lackey. That ended up costing the lives of tens of thousands of elderly Americans like my beloved surrogate mother. They should be ashamed of themselves."

"This is the same discriminatory and hypocritical attack on my candidacy that Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith pulled on me with Tampa Bay Times reporter William March last week. That's blowing up in her face now as the "Jenny-Gate" scandal goes viral and reverberates all the way up to the DNC. Just like Fox News won't publish the truth about Donald Trump and his MAGA princess Anna Luna because it doesn't fit the MAGA audience narrative, DailyKOS has now demonstrated that it can't be trusted with the truth either, even when it's literally right in front of their face. Perhaps Daily KOS's executives thought their ad revenue might take a hit with their more liberal readers and advertisers if they left my toxicology reports and not-guilty verdict sheet up there because it challenges what they assumed was their liberal audience's belief system. They're selling their progressive audience short. They've forgotten what equal justice under law and due process mean under our Constitution. They've abandoned their critical thinking skills just like they and I have accused the extreme MAGA wing of the GOP of doing."

When Truth Isn't Truth

"It seems Russia and Trump and Matt Gaetz have done such a good job over these past 10 years destroying truth through Putin's Q-Anon and the Fox News disinformation laundering platform that he co-opted from Rupert Murdock in 2016, that even some Democrats can't tell the difference between science, and a conspiracy theory put out by some anonymous entity and Fox News hosts. In this case the heavy metal toxicology reports were from a reputable American toxicology lab and the non-guilty verdict sheet and expungement order were signed by an American judge. The scientific and legal proof was literally right before their eyes and they cancelled it like an Elon Musk fascist MAGA rant on Facebook."

The Scientific Method vs Unsubstantiated Conspiracy Theory

"This is cancel-culture run amok and it's happening on both sides of the aisle now to the detriment of American society. I've got news for the naysayers claiming I'm another Q-Anon with my poisoning science and photographs. I'm not anonymous. I'm not Q-Anon. I am John William Victor Liccione. It's my real name and unlike Anna Luna's name shell game, it's always been my name."

"I believe in the scientific method I learned in high school. It's good to be skeptical of unsubstantiated conspiracies like Pizzagate and the election was stolen. I don't like having to say it, but yes, I became a male domestic violence survivor at 53 that's been through living hell and has come back stronger than ever. I'm a USAF and NSA veteran intelligence analyst, an electrical engineer, a former cyber-security executive. I'm the founder of RussiLeaks, a news media company that's flipping the script on Putin. And unlike Julien Assange, we expose Putin's secrets, not America's. We don't enable the Russian hacking and dumping of Democratic Parties secrets. And now, I'm the Democratic STEM candidate in this race that puts "Kids First, Above All Else." Now if only I could just focus on communicating to the voters in Pinellas County what my belief system is, and what my mission in Congress will be with my Strategic Child Defense Initiative (SCDI) Act of 2025, reducing Florida skyrocketing insurances costs, and beating back Ron DeSantis' fascist attacks on women's and civil rights. Instead I'm now having to defend myself from this Jenny-Gate friendly fire from my own Party."

Anna Luna flies above us all with Trump on Air Force One

"I'm running against Putin-Trump MAGA princess Anna Luna. But first, I'm running against two worthy Democratic opponents. But unlike Jennifer Griffith who broke her pledge to not disparage a Democratic candidate and tried to put me in the "Bernie Corner" - in secret and now in plain sight - I've pledged to both of my opponents in writing that I will not disparage them. They have my word on that."

"My message to the Democratic Party leadership and DailyKOS is this: You're not going to be able to control me, so you might as well support me...equally. I'm entitled to equal treatment under the law and equal treatment under the Democratic Party bylaws. That is, unless you WANT to see Anna Luna voted back into office in 2024."


The heavy-metal toxicology reports, poisoned powder pictures, not-guilty verdict sheet and Order of Expungement that were yanked by DailyKOS are provided below.

Heavy Metal Toxicology Report on Poison Powder on HVAC Duct Fiberglass Insulation

(Source: The Carlson Company)

The Grey, Silvery Heavy-Metal Poisoned Powder Caked on Fiberglass Insulation Found Inside John Liccione's Bedroom HVAC Duct at 161 175th Ave Unit 2, Redington Shores FL, 11/1/2019

(Property Owners: Pinnacle Domestic Holdings LLC, Jon Bayless, and Cleo Ekladayous)

Heavy Metal Toxicology Report on John Liccione's Hair Sample 7 Months After Having Fled Poisoned Florida Apartment to Maryland in November 2019

Heavy Metal Toxicology Report on John Liccione's Poisoned Tennis Shoes He Had Worn in 2013

(Note: Shoes were kept in storage for 6 years before being tested the first time in June of 2019)

Heavy Metal Poisoned White Powder Discovered in John Liccione's DC Apartment in Adams Morgan in March of 2021

Heavy-Metal Poison Powder Collected from HVAC air plenum and Sent Out for Toxicology Testing on 8/28/2021

Toxicology Report on White Powder in John Liccione's DC Apartment HVAC Air Plenum in 2021



Media Contact: John Liccione, 443-698-8156, [email protected]

Published by John Liccione for Congress

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Dec 05, 2023

You do understand, I suppose, that there are heavy metals (including things like arsenic, lead, and others) in most HVAC system ducts, right? It's where they collect.


Nov 15, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

I confirm that he violated DKos's published "Rules of the Road." Those rules are readily available on the DKos website. If you're that curious, go read them. They are quite reasonable.

Every time something bad happens to Mr. Liccione, it is a) someone else's fault and b) an intentional act designed to "get" him. I believe that is non-clinically referred to in society as "paranoia." At the very least, it is victimhood.


Nov 11, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.



Nov 10, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.


Nov 09, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

A person with schizophrenia may experience delusional thinking, including paranoid thoughts.

People with paranoia may experience a combination of the following:

  • feeling upset, anxious, angry, and confused

  • being suspicious of those around them

  • believing that someone is persecuting them

  • fearing that someone is following, chasing, poisoning, or otherwise plotting against them

Nov 13, 2023
Replying to

And with your comment you made the exact point in the press release: Ignore the science, disparage the victim's mental health, engage your hypocritical thinking skills, and bam, there you are.

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