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Democratic Congressional Candidate John Liccione Excluded from Speaking at N. Pinellas Dem Club Memorial Day Event

Updated: May 25

"You won't be allowed to speak...I'm not going to play this game," says Club President Lacy Hollings

John Liccione standing next to Pinellas Democratic Senior Caucus Sign
Unlike the N. Pinellas Democrat Club, John Liccione is Allowed to Speak at Pinellas Democrat Senior Caucus Events - In Defiance of Party Leadership

Today, FL Democratic Congressional candidate John Liccione, a USAF veteran, reached out to Lacy Hollings, President of the North Pinellas Democratic Club, to inquire about his participation at the Club's Memorial Day picnic today in Safety Harbor. During the call, Ms. Hollings informed him that he would not be permitted to speak at the event. She clarified that while he could attend as a guest by purchasing a ticket, he would not have the opportunity to address attendees.

When questioned if this decision was influenced by other Democratic Party leaders, Ms. Hollings declined to elaborate by twice stating angrily, "I'm not going to play this game." The conversation concluded without further clarification from Ms. Hollings after Liccione pointed out that she had refused to answer the question posed, and that that itself was an answer.

Mr. Liccione, identifying as a 'Rebel Democrat' in a wide-open five-way primary, expressed his disappointment, interpreting the situation as a political maneuver by party leaders, including Jennifer Griffith and Nikki Fried, to marginalize and smear him. He likens the experience to being "Rudolphed," banished to the Island of Misfit Democrats.

Despite these challenges, Mr. Liccione remains optimistic about his campaign, vowing to lead the Democratic charge in Pinellas and, once elected, to champion progressive issues such as civil rights restoration, Roe rights, ending school shootings, promoting clean energy, and safeguarding democracy. "I am a beacon for democracy and civil rights. But this repeating pattern of in-equity and exclusion by my party runs counter to Democratic liberal values."

Mr. Liccione calls on all Democrats who feel disenfranchised and ignored within the Democratic Party to join his campaign: "If you feel ignored, overlooked, or disrespected by the current party leadership, if you too are a misfit Democrat, if you are any Democrat that's fed up with losing and losing to MAGA in Florida, come, follow me. Together, we will navigate through these challenges and achieve victory."


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For press inquiries contact John Liccione, 727-422-2051 or [email protected]

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