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Florida Dem Party Condones Smear Campaign Against Pinellas (D) Congressional Candidate John Liccione

Says defamation of Dem candidate by Party not a violation of Party by-laws. Rejects Liccione appeal on technicality.

John Liccione in Front of US Capital

My January complaint and appeal to Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried seeking a reversal of my Party's decision to reject my candidacy by way of public defamation has just been rejected after 4 months of deafening silence by the Chair of the Party Judicial Council in Tallahassee, Lydia Hudson. (Letter at bottom below disclaimer).

With this decision the Florida Democratic Party has condoned its subordinate Pinellas Party Chair Jennifer Giffith's defamation campaign that she's been waging publicly against me with the help of the Tampa Bay Times and her proxies in the local Party apparatus.

In 2016, what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders was kept secret...until our dirty laundry was hacked and dumped by Putin and Assange on command of Trump. And look where that got us, Democrats. We're in Constitutional hell. Now, they're doing the quiet part out loud while trying to shuck and jive their way out of accountability. They fiddle while Democracy burns.

I mean, really. Admit your mistake, apologize, recognize my candidacy as a Democrat, and let's have a free and fair primary election with equal promotional opportunities for all. We need a primary based on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion instead of in-equity and exclusion by way of defamation. Stop this insanity of trying to pre-select a favored Democratic establishment candidate in a contested primary, and of starving your least-favored non-establishment candidate of recognition and resources by way of disinformation. That's Putin-Trump level skullduggery.

It was a strategy for disaster in 2016. It would be a far worse disaster in 2024. The odds are 50/50 right now that American and Ukrainian democracy, and NATO itself, may very well fall on January 21, 2025 without a single shot being fired. Has our Party learned nothing?