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John Liccione Flips ChatGPT in Florida Congressional Race

Updated: Feb 6

Notches First Win in AI Battle: Publishes "Not-Guilty-At-Trial Verdict Sheet" in Press Release. Defeats Lies Told by Pinellas Party Chair Jennifer Griffith and Tampa Bay Times, ChatGPT

Two weeks ago, after being publicly defamed by my own Party leader Jennifer Griffith and the Tampa Bay Times, I asked OpenAI's AI ChatBot ChatGPT4 the following question about myself:

Question: "Was John Liccione found not guilty at trial of assaulting his wife in 2018?"

ChatGPT4 Answer: "John Liccione was not found not guilty at trial. The charges were dismissed after his wife refused to testify...."

Five days ago I took the unpreceded but necessary step of publishing a press release entitled:

I mean, really. Why in the world would any male candidate for Congress ever publicize that he stood trial for spousal assault and then was found not guilty at trial of all counts. One would think it would be a no-win situation in this age of "Me Too." Well, I'm here to say, as a male domestic violence survivor coping with PTSD because of it: Me Too - Too. I was hospitalized with visible signs of battery: My wife never was.  I was poisoned. The video of the incident proved she was lying. I was found not guilty in a 20-minute bench trial after the female domestic violence prosecutor watched the video and had offered to dismiss the case. I forced it to trial.

Yesterday I asked ChatGPT the exact same question. Its answer was this:

Question: "Was John Liccione found not guilty at trial of assaulting his wife in 2018?"

ChatGPT4 Answer: "Yes, John Liccione was found "not guilty" of assaulting his wife in a 2018 bench trial. This information was detailed on his campaign website."

See below screenshot. I call that a victory.

The Democratic Party would never, ever, pull this kind of character assassination campaign on a female domestic violence survivor running for Congress. You know it. I know it. They would champion her grit, her ability to rise from the ashes. They would call it a strength, not a reason to fail her in their candidate vetting process.

They Am Become Liars: Destroyers of Truth.

ChatGPT attributed this defamatory (dis)information to the Tampa Bay Times. ChatGPT's answer was a bald-faced lie, as were the Times articles. The Times attributed their (dis)-information to Jennifer Griffith, the Chair of the Pinellas County Democratic Party. Jennifer Griffith, in her defamatory statement about me to the Times back in October in which she called me a man of "moral turpitude," attributed her (dis)-information back to a previous defamatory article in the Tampa Bay Times published in September.

We can clearly see how these three entities, one a mainstream media outlet, the other a Democratic party leader, and the third OpenAI's defective AI Chatbot product, as the insular, circular-referencing disinformation supply-chain that they have become.

Proud to Be a Democrat

I am proud to be a progressive Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida's 13th District here in Pinellas County. I am the progressive "oorah Democrat" candidate in this race. I've been bringing the pain to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Anna Luna, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Ron DeSantis, starting as far back as March of 2022. That was back when I launched my media company RussiLeaks.

RussiLeaks is a media outlet focused on exposing Putin's secrets (not America's) and those of his Amercian agents acting on his behalf. Agents such as Trump, Anna Luna, and the rest of the sedition caucus. In May last year I published a deep-dive article on Anna Luna entitled "Putin-Puppet's Gone Wild," and I commissioned a Ukrainian caricature artist named Max Murasko to produce this work of art of the same name.

The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump

It's free, it's a short read. Download it and check it out.

Speaking Truth to Power

Jennifer Griffith is the power here in the Pinellas Democratic Party.

Nikki Friend is the power in the Florida Democratic Party.

The Tampa Bay Times is the media power here in this region.

OpenAI and their ChatGPT4 AI product are now the power on the Internet, worldwide.

The AIs are the new Internet influencers here in the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence.

I have spoken truth to these powers. I have stood up to these bullies. And I have won the first battle.

A Teaching Moment

I will call this what it is: A teaching moment for all of America.

I have cracked the code (the algorithm) that has been secretly driving this software disinformation supply chain. By sharing my "intellectual property" by openly educating the American public on how it is possible to defeat these destroyers of truth, I am performing a much-needed societal good: On both ends of the political spectrum.

To every American I say this. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you. To every Democrat and Republican candidate seeking high office, if they can do it to me, they can do it to you - even within your own party. This is, in fact, how Putin-Trump have been doing it to the Republican Party and the MAGA base since 2016. They're doing it to Nikki Haley right now.

Putin-Trump now controls the entire GOP and have turned its Senators and Congressman into liver-lilied cowards. I've never in my life seen as many cowardly men in one group in my life. I am ashamed to say I used to be a Republican. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are the two last beacons of hope in a lost Republican Party. The lost Republican Party is, to me is "The Prodigal Son" of this age.

Me? I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees.

I spit on the ring of Donald Trump and I spit in the face of Vladimir Putin.

The AI Wolf

This AI wolf in Democratic sheep's clothing is perhaps half as dangerous to our Democracy as is the Putin-Trump AI wolf. Not because the Democratic party is as universally corrupted as the GOP, but because it is now actively undermining our ability to defeat these fascist forces of evil that seek to elevate a self-proclaimed dictator wannabe back into the White House.

There's a reason the Democratic Party keeps losing in Florida. Just look at the numbers. Look at how as a result our LGBTQ+ community, our voting rights, abortion rights, the civil rights of minorities, and the right of our children to learn true American history, are under a withering assault.

The Party's strategy on how to beat back the fascist forces of evil like Ron DeSantis, Luna, and Trump is completely backwards. They believe that by suppressing the Democratic campaigns of those candidates they deem non-conformant with their own personal biases, they are doing the right thing. They are wrong and the numbers speak for themselves. They have replaced their critical thinking skills with hypocritical thinking skills.

They did this in secret to Bernie Sandars in 2016 and look where that got is: Trump elected, Trump chaos, January 6th, now Trump re-emergent. Now they're doing the Bernie-quiet-part out loud to me. They are publicly defaming a USAF Veteran Democratic candidate for Congress with lies they know are lies in what is a contested Democratic Primary against the MAGA Princess of Chaos.

This is an unprecedented public breach of the Democratic Party by-laws and is a kick in the teeth of every tenet of diversity, equity, and inclusion the Democratic Party stands for. In my case, they place exclusion over inclusion, inequity over equity, and vanilla conformity over diversity. They are placing the fully-debunked accusations of a physically abusive and compromised wife over the word of a male domestic violence survivor who was hospitalized with visual signs of battery. A man who has published the scientific toxicology evidence that he was poisoned 4-times with heavy-metal poison.

A less diverse Democratic party is a weaker Democratic party. Denial of science is not a virtue. We all saw how dangerous science denial can be during COVID.

The Democratic Party has chosen to try and silence me. They have failed. They have decided to shackle me and destroy my ability to raise campaign funds. They are going to fail. I have now begun to break from their shackles through perseverance and grit and my ability to crack code like I learned at the NSA and in the USAF as an intelligence analyst.

Banished to the Island of Misfit Democrats

The only decision left for me to make is this: Do I remain a semi-shackled misfit Democrat? Or, do I cast off these Party shackles and seek another path to victory for Democracy and civil rights and the right of our children to not be shot in their schools?

And the only decision left to make by the DNC chair Jamie Harrison, Vice-Chair Gretchen Whitmer, and all the Democratic PACs denying me funding is this: Do you really want to face the prospect of an unshackled John Liccione beholden to no one but his own conscience running against Anna Luna and Whitney Fox in November?

Gretchen Witmer, Jamie Harrison, and President Biden, if you're listening: Your party has been hacked, again. But this time, the hackers are inside the house.

Liccione out.


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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