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John Liccione Invokes the Power of Poetry in Defense of Democracy at His First FL District 13 Democratic Candidate Forum

Updated: Jun 7

John Liccione Answers Question With Fellow Candidates Sabrina Bousbar (left), Mark Weinkrantz, and Liz Dahan

After finally having been invited to participate in my first District 13 Democratic congressional candidate forum, I came to last night's event at West St Pete Community Library not sure what kind of reception I'd receive.

It turns out my concerns were unfounded as the reception I received was warm, friendly, and appreciative of my attendance and of what I had to say.

Who Knows How Long Our Democracy Will Last...

After a few words about my background, I gave an opening poetic address where I borrowed from and modified the original lyrics of my favorite Don Henley song: "The End of the Innocence," as follows.

Who knows how long democracy will last,

And how it's gotten so bad so fast?

While somewhere back there in the dust

Is the same small town in each of us.

I need to remember this

So, hey, democracy, give me one last kiss

And let me take a long last look

Before we say goodbye

And lay your head back on the ground

Let your hair spill all around me

Offer up your best defense

'Cause this is the end....

This is the end...

Of the innocence.

I and my fellow Democratic candidates Sabrina Bousbar, Liz Dahan, and Mark Weinkrantz answered prepared questions from the audience on various topics including protecting social security, America's proper leadership role in the world, the role of religion in health care access and education funding, and other important topics of the day. I talked about my signature initiative to end mass school shootings, called "For Every Child a Shield." The 5th candidate in the race, Whitney Fox, did not attend the forum.

All of us committed wholeheartedly to get behind the winner in the primary to defeat Anna Luna in November, whomever it may be.

All in all, it was a healthy and necessary exercise in big "D" Democratic-style inclusive democracy - the way things should be in our party.

I'm grateful to the Pinellas Democratic Senior Caucus, District 60, and the St. Petersburg Democratic Club for bucking the party leadership and for affording me the inclusivity and equal opportunity to participate in my first Congressional candidate forum in what is a wide-open primary race.

John Liccione

Rebel Democrat for Congress

Florida's 13th District


Paid for by John Liccione for Congress

For inquiries contact John Liccione, 443-698-8156 [email protected]

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Jun 07
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Losers gonna lose

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