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John Liccione's Statement on the 17 Republican Senators Who Defied Putin-Trump and Voted to Move Ukraine-Israeli Aid Forward

Updated: Mar 29

"The Sky is Still Open" by Ukrainian Artist Alexander Nikityuk

In what is a stunning reversal of this week's vote to kill the border security bill that also contained a Ukraine-Israel aid package, 17 Republican Senators led by Indiana Senator Todd Young just joined Democrats in voting to advance an emergency Ukraine-Israel aid package that was stripped of the border security funding. This just days after they had joined their GOP colleagues in voting down a combined bill.

"After the border-related provisions were jettisoned, 17 Senate Republicans voted with Senate Democrats Thursday to move forward with the rest of the package. In the Senate, at least, there are still Republicans willing to put national security over politics when the stakes are so high. The delays have already caused critical ammunition shortages for Ukrainian forces in the fight. “We cannot abandon these allies and partners as they face existential threats,” Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) said before the vote."

GOP House Members Remain in the Thrall of Putin-Trump

Unfortunately, in the House, Speaker Johnson has made clear he will refuse to bring such a Senate bill to the house floor. According to one of Josh Rogin's House sources:

"Johnson’s team are not even going to try to pass the bill the Senate sends over. They are scared of MTG,” one GOP congressional source told me, referring to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) who has worked for years to kill Ukraine aid and who has referred to Ukrainian forces as a “Nazi” army.

Putin-Puppets Gone Wild in the US House of Representatives (by Max Murashko)

And so, while the House Republicans continue to bend their collective knee at the altar of the Putin-Trump, led by that idiotic blowhard Marjorie Taylor-Green and her equally-Putin-kompromised cohorts like Anna Luna and Matt Gaetz, these 17 Republican Senators have chosen to rise from their knees and take a stand against Putin and his Trump sock puppet. Bravo!

It remains to be seen whether Mitch McConnel and these 17 Republican Senators and other Republicans (and Bernie Sanders) will actually cast their votes for the Ukraine/Israel aid package when the floor vote is called. Watch what they do, not what they say.

The Cowards in the House

And as to all Putin-Trump subservient cowards in the House Republican caucus, and that includes my opponent, that Putin-Trump-kompromised MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Luna, to the voters here in Florida's 13th District I say this:

Anna Luna wants Putin to win, Ukraine to lose, and she's doing it in your name.

Liccione out.


John Liccione for Congress

Florida's 13th District

For Media inquiries contact: John Liccione, 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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Learn about John Liccione before voting.

On May 26, Liccione was arrested on domestic violence charges. His arrest warrantand court papers provided the New York Address as his domicile. He was incarcerated and held without bail. In an August 28 competency proceeding, after hearing “details that referenced delusions and paranoia,” the court handling Liccione’s criminal case declared him mentally incompetent and a danger to himself and others. Liccione was committed to the Springfield Psychiatric Hospital.

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