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John Liccione's Statement on Speaker Johnson Admitting to Evidence Tampering on Live TV

"There is now probable cause for FISA warrants and the immediate grand jury indictment of Speaker Mike Johnson. He just confessed on national TV to conspiring to obstruct justice in an ongoing federal criminal investigation into the January 6th insurrection. He literally said out loud on national television yesterday, proudly and without equivocation or qualification, that he had ordered the blurring of insurrectionists' faces on never-before-released Capitol security video footage. He followed by admitting that he was doing this for no other reason than to obstruct the Department of Justice's ability to identify more insurrectionists. This is the very definition of obstructing justice through evidence tampering and coming from the Speaker of the House is unprecedented in all of American history. It's a slam dunk indictment and a slam dunk conviction. So, get the FISA warrants ordering the seizure of the un-doctored footage from the House plus the tampered footage immediately before Johnson orders their destruction. In parallel, convene a grand jury and play for them the short clip of Speaker Johnson's taped confession, then call for an indictment vote. Johnson will bargain for immunity, flip on his co-conspirators, and resign to avoid jail time. Then, there's rest of the "sedition caucus" led by Anna Luna and Matt Gaetz. Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, and Christopher Wray: Make it so."

John Liccione

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