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Would Jesus Bear a Bump Stock? John Liccione Excoriates Clarence Thomas on Bump-Stock Ban Repeal

Updated: Jul 15

Calls Clarence Thomas bought-and-paid-for

The Clarence Bump Stock Has Risen From the Dead!

All hail bump-stock saviors Clarence Thomas, Samual Alito and their slightly-less-extreme enablers Gorsuch, Cavanaugh, Coney-Barret, and Roberts. Today they ruled 6-3 to resurrect bump-stock kits from the grave that Donald Trump sent them to after the Las Vegas massacre that killed/wounded over 500 Americans in 2017.

It seems even a broken president can get an executive order on gun safety right once per term.

Spray and Pray vs Aim-Fire-Re-aim and Fire

Apparently, Clarence Thomas and his buddies can't discern the relationships between "rate of fire" and "child death rate/incident," the meaning of the word "trigger," what pulling a trigger of a bump stock kit does to the gun's native trigger, and spray-and-pray-from-the-hip machine guns. Have they literally never seen an action shoot-em-up movie in their lives.

It is so hard to image a gunman mowing down an entire classroom of 20 kindergarteners with a single left-right sweep of two bump-stocked AR-15 held just like Luna is holding hers in the picture below? What would it take? 3 seconds? Every single second counts. Every little thing we can do to slow the murderer down is a micro-virtue, not a vice.

Is Thomas just a bought-and-paid justices, and he just doesn't care? Is he being paid to act like illogical STEM-denying idiot that would have us believe he's never seen a Rambo film?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anna Luna's Own "Triggers" and AR-15 Obsession: She's Off-the-Leash

And speaking of triggers, AR-15's and my opponent Anna Luna. Below is the Pinellas Sheriff's incident report of Luna's and her husband Andy Gamberzky's dog Trigger that she let off the leash on our Madeira Beach where he bit the face of a 9-year-old boy. That's approaching Kristi Noem level gross dog negligence: Although, at least with Noem's dog Cricket it was just chickens and pheasants he went after, not a little boy, a transgression which Kristi Noem would shoot the poor dog for with her AR-15? What is it with these two and Lauren Boebert and AR-15s?

Pinellas County Sheriff's Report - Luna's dog attacks Boy on Madeira Beach, Incident Report, 11/7/21

And below, that's Luna on the right posing with her AR-15s in her own campaign fundraising photo in 2021. It seems Luna loves to bear her 3 arms AND her midriff to raise funds. I wonder if she'll be ordering her own bump stocks up the road here from me in Pinellas County now that they're legal. I'll note that her ad and its craven display of gun idolatry and body self-objectification, posing as if she's waiting tables again at the Red Rose Gentlemen's Club in Ft. Walton Beach, were dropped right after the Uvalde massacre in 2021.

Teenage boy clickbait much?


John Liccione's "For Every Child a Shield Act of 2025"

My campaign slogan as shown in the picture at the top is: "For Every Child a Shield." It is my systems-engineered solution. Now, don't take the slogan and the picture of the kid with shield literally now. The solution is to be a all-domain high-tech-low-tech shielding system that can end mass school shooting deaths in just 4 years, without breaching 2nd Amendment freedoms. And because it is based on STEM, not extreme right or left political dogma, it will pass on a bi-partisan basis. It will be the first bill I introduce once elected.

Clarence Thomas's slogan might as well be: "Bump-Stock Bullets for Every Child."

The circumstantial and documentary evidence indicates Thomas is bought-and-paid for by Harlan Crowe and possibly others. And while it might be possible that he's the undiscovered idiot, idiots don't generally rise to the highest court in the land. Accused (never tried) rapists and sexual harassers, maybe. But not idiots. I think he's been paid to throw science, math, logic, and schoolchildren under the bus while bending the knee at the altar of the gun lobby.

This decision is an abomination. A perverse misinterpretation of science, math, technology, engineering, logic, law, and yes, even the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Would Jesus bare a bump-stock?

Here is me, quoting me last year.

"Any society that turns a willful blind eye to the mass murder of children while bending the knee at the altar of the gun with be relegated to the ash heap of history by the next generations survivors."

John Liccione, May 2023

What Will I Do About This in Congress?

Once in Congress I will work across the aisle to gather the Republican votes needed to pass my "For Every Child a Shield Act of 2025." It will include a re-instatement of the Trump ban or something more effective, like adding harsher sentencing guidelines, interdicting the import and shipping of Chinese-manufactured bump stock kits that are used to make ghost machine guns.

However one may wish to define assault rifle, or trigger, or machine gun, an AR-15 with a bump stock is, by all objective measures, close enough to the machine gun's firing rate that it is a contrived and capricious distinction that is without a functional difference.

John Liccione

Rebel Democrat for Congress

Florida's 13th District

Paid for by John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156, [email protected]


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