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John's Musical Parodies
Some truly edgy comedic political satire

"They Stopped Loving Him Today"

"The President Who'll Never Return"

John skewers Trump as "The President Who'll Never Return" for his criminal behavior and envisionsTrump's coming downfall and imprisonment in this comedic parody of the Kingston Trio's "Charlie on the MTA" (The Man Who Never Returned)

"Woke in the Jailhouse Now"

John sings his "Woke in the Jailhouse Now," a karmic takedown of Donald Trump and his merry insurrectionist "woke-right mob," all of whom got "woke" by Trump into storming our Capitol in his failed attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic by violent means. A parody of the old time vaudville blues novelty song "In the Jailhouse Now" by Jimmie Rodgers.

"The Fox Gonna Holler"

John's "The Fox Gonna Holler" takes down Fox News and their lying ways and their ultimate comeupance in court after their internal messages were exposed in discovery and they agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems three quarters of a billion dollars for defamation. It is a parody of an old-time bluegrass song by The Dillards called "Doolie", a song about a moonshiner staying one step ahead of the Feds in the age of prohibition.

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