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About John

      John Liccione is a decorated veteran who served as a USAF & NSA intelligence analyst and linguist and served overseas in Korea and at NSA headquarters.  He is an electrical engineer, an inventor, and a software and cybersecurity executive.  He uses science, technology, engineering, and math along with his intelligence analyst, team-building and communications skills to solve problems that meet the needs of society. He invents new solutions where none seem to exist.  John is not a politician.  He is a divergent thinker.  He is a father of three and a stepfather to one.  He is the son and grandson of Italian immigrants.  He is an author, a musician, an investigative reporter, and is the Founder of RussiLeaks, a media company focused on exposing Putin's secrets and those of his agents acting on his behalf here in America that seek to tear down our democracy.  He is a staunch defender of children, of democracy, of civil rights, and of equal rights for all.  Read more about each phase of John's life story below.

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