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The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump:  Pay No Attention to the White Russian Behind the Curtain.  Vladimir Putin's Fascist, Race-Baiting Wizard of Oz Strategy to Take Down America Without Firing a Shot by John Liccione


In this book by John Liccione, Candidate for US Congress in Florida's 13th Congressional District and Russi Leaks Founder presents his Grand Unifying Theory on Vladimir Putin's now 9-year old fascist plot dating back to 2013 to take down America and other western democracies like Ukraine through a race-baiting disinformation campaign, fueled by cyberwarfare using techniques of psychological warfare and mind control, designed to distract and confuse America by laundering his hateful disinformation through Trump, Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News, and from there into the minds of the American electorate and our GOP leaders. The book discusses and explores elements of morality, human psychology, cyber-security, and proposes a set of goals, strategies, and a plan of action and timeline for defeating Vladimir Putin both in mindspace and cyberspace, and for preserving the peace for our western democracies and in Russia for decades to come.  The book contains a new Dedication to the people of Ukraine and issues a strong call to action to the Russian people and any honorable Russian generals to overthrow Putin, as well as to the American people and our leaders and our news outlets and social media platforms.

The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump by John Liccione

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