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John Liccione talks about his background, accomplishments, and why he's running against Anna Luna at his Campaign Launch Rally, August 24, 2023, at Hickman Theatre in Gulfport Florida.


John is a U.S. Air Force and NSA veteran, a high-tech executive, and author who is the STEM candidate that puts "Kids First Above All Else" at the top of his mission. He served as a Korean linguist and intelligence analyst before obtaining his BS in electrical engineering, where he went on to design cockpit modifications for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard aircraft.


In 1995, John pivoted into Internet, software, cloud, and cyber technology where he co-founded a cloud service provider and helped lead several companies through successful IPOs and acquisitions. He is not just a visionary leader, but an operator who knows how to execute the mission. 


As an engineer, John will bring STEM methodologies and principles to bear to address and solve Florida's and America's most pressing problems.  In 2022, he launched RussiLeaks, a news media company whose sole focus is exposing Putin's secrets and those of his American operatives, in defense of democracy, America, and Ukraine.



Kids First, Above All Else," Other Priorities


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