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Lunagate Scandal Erupts as Anna Luna Abuses Congressional Oversight Power in Cover Up of Alleged Wrongdoing by Husband, Self, Others

Updated: Apr 21

Launched Pre-Emptive Strike Against USAF Whistleblower after Records Release

Florida District 13 Congresswoman Anna Luna along with Matt Gaetz launched a pre-emptive strike against a USAF whistleblower they alleged had released her (and her husband Andy Gamberzky's, perhaps?) military records. The Luna-Gaetz toxic twins called for Congressional oversight hearings.

But Luna obviously has a personal conflict of interest in keeping her husband and herself out of jail, if certain allegations being made have any merit.  How rich indeed that she sits on the Congressional Oversight and Accountability Committee.  She must recuse herself from any and all Congressional oversight hearings involving herself and her husband.

USAF Whistleblowers in Play?

According to a supposed USAF whistleblower that has allegedly come forward at great risk, buried somewhere within Luna and Gamberzky’s records are his USAF reservist active reserve duty pay records and duty attendance records.  They allegedly serve to indicate that while Luna was campaigning for Congress in 2021, Gamberzky was excused from showing up for active reserve duty by what was purported to be a MAGA deep-state senior officer in SOCOM where Gamberzky served in an Air Combat Controller spec ops unit at McDill Air Force Base.

A MAGA deep-state senior officer embedded in SOCOM allegedly approved the paid absence of an E-6 SPECOPS NCO so the guy could campaign with his MAGA USAF veteran wife? Sounds like a RICO-Hatch Act-UCMJ trifecta. We'll see. I'll withhold judgement, for now.

If true, that could mean someone, say, Russian intelligence or their agents in the Florida Russian mafia, could have blackmail leverage on a sitting member of the US Congress: A person who just happens to have morphed since elected into a shill for Putin's Ukraine agenda.  

Don't take my word for it. Let's look at the public-record fact pattern, connect some dots, and follow along as I make some reasonable inferences.

The Fact Pattern

OMNIBUS PUBLIC FACT 1:  Starting in February of 2023 after elected, Luna has, in every single public statement and House vote about Ukraine military aid, spoken out and voted against Ukraine’s interests and for Putin's interests. All in lockstep with her toxic twin Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and the rest of their ilk.

The Ukraine Fatigure Resolution HR-113

PUBLIC FACT 2:  See what I mean above with Luna-Gaetz' Ukraine Fatigue Resolution (HR-113)? The first sentence says it all:

"Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States must end its military and financial aid to Ukraine, and urges all combatants to reach a peace agreement." HR-113

PUBLIC FACT 3: Since then, she and Gaetz and more and more of House GOP members have been increasingly laundering Putin's Ukraine agenda into the US Congress under the speech and debate clause and through their Ukraine-aid-denying votes.

PUBLIC FACT 4:  Putin’s Ukraine agenda and his talking points have now infected a majority of the GOP members in Congress in the year since HR-113 was introduced.

PUBLIC FACT 5: Luna-Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene et al brought down speaker McCarthy over Ukraine aid...and only because of Ukraine aid.

PUBLIC FACT 6: Now they’re working to bring down House Speaker Johnson over Ukraine aid. (Not Israel's aid so much, mind you.  It’s ALL about Ukraine aid.)  They’re totally obsessed with their Putin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) and are working tirelessly to deliver Putin a victory over Ukraine by means of weapons and ammo deprivation. Their obsession is so singularly focused, so immutable, that they’re willing to burn down two of their own House Speakers if that's what it takes. That's what's called a "Key Indicator of Compromise" in counter-intelligence jargon.

Questions Demanding Answers

QUESTION 1: Do all the Putin-enablers like Trump, Luna, Gaetz, and Marjorie-Taylor Greene even have any agency at all?  Are they all kompromised? At least in Speaker Michael Johnson's case, he's trying to get Ukraine aid passed, finally, in the face of their newest motion to vacate his speakership. He's seems NOT COMPROMISED, just watching his current public behavior.

QUESTION 2: Have Luna and her husband, and the alleged MAGA deep-state officer inside US Special Operations Command, been turned by Russian intelligence directly or perhaps through the Russian mafia here in Florida? Is Luna now an unregistered Russian agent hiding in plain sight? 

QUESTION 3: Beyond the possible kompromat of her allegedly paid AWOL husband, do the Russians have something even more depraved on Luna that she's even more desperate to not have exposed?

It would explain a lot about Luna's flip-flop on Russia and Ukraine. Here are some more background facts and circumstantial evidence in support of such a hypothesis going back to 2021. 

Two Attack Dogs and a MAGA Princess Makeover

PUBLIC FACT 7: It is public record that in Luna’s 2021 race against Charlie Crist she claimed that Roger Stone had poisoned her. Here's the Daily Beast story: ‘Murder Plot’ Claims, a Dog Bite, and Roger Stone: Inside Florida’s Craziest Race (

PUBLIC FACT 8: She also claimed that her GOP primary opponent William Braddock had threatened to call in a Russian hit squad to assassinate her if she didn't pull out of the race.  She filed for a restraining order against Braddock in Pinellas County Circuit Court claiming this but it was denied. Braddock quietly pulled out of the race. 

So, to be clear, as recently as mid-2021, Luna was so in fear of a Russian mafia hit being called down on her by her MAGA GOP opponent, that she filed for a restraining order.

So, let’s assume for a moment that Luna's fears were well founded back in 2021. First, a Russian mafia hit squad?  OK, I can actually believe that. Especially since Luna at that time wasn't bashing Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelensky and she wasn't pushing Putin's Ukraine agenda as a campaign strategy, whereas presumably William Braddock would have.

But poisoned by Trump's attack dog Roger Stone? Come on. Where's the toxicology evidence Anna Paulina? Did you go to the ER? Were you admitted? What kind of poison was it exactly? Why are you even still alive? Tell us more! Release your medical records please. The burden of proof is on you.

PUBLIC FACT 9: Roger Stone published his hit piece on Luna and Gamberzky in 2021. Ironically, as Trump's metaphorical attack dog, Stone had accused them of allowing their dog Gunner to attack and bite the face of a 9-year-old boy here at our own Madeira Beach in my District.  Yes, that really happened.


Luna in Wonderland

Oh, how far indeed hath Luna fallen down the Putin-Trump MAGA rabbit hole since 2021. Now she's acting as if she's an unregistered Russian agent, just 2 years after having claimed to have been a Russian mafia assassination target. Whether she is Russia-kompromised or not, in practical terms, it's now a distinction without a difference. She is absolutely acting as if she is, over, and over, and over since February of 2023.

I have to say this: If it looks like a Putin puppet...if it talks like a Putin puppet, and if it votes like a Putin puppet, it's a freakin' Putin-puppet.

The "Dox and Discredit the Whistleblower" Gambit

So it's no wonder she's trying to out her USAF whistleblower. Now, just 7 months before the election, it matters so much more than in 2021 with democracy itself hanging in the balance. She is attempting to seize the narrative and shape it with Gaetz in furtherance of their efforts to enable a Putin victory over Ukraine, before the November general election where I will defeat her.

If these whistleblower allegations are true or even partially true, the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), and FBI counterintelligence down here in Tampa would obviously be conducting investigations into it.  So, will there be probable cause for a FISA/search warrant or charges under the UCMJ, or RICO, or the Hatch Act against the couple and the colonel? 

Senator Schumer and the FDLE, are You Listening?

The Senate Oversight Committee needs to hold their own hearings on Luna and Gambersky. I call on Senator Chuck Schumer to make it so, now. Perhaps the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) should pile on with their own investigation too. I call on them to do so. If it's true, the alleged crimes occurred in Florida. In bringing state charges, just as NY and GA did with Trump, it would inoculate the wheels of criminal justice against a Trump pardon-virus re-infection. So, heads up FDLE and Ron DeSantis. Would DeSantis act to quash such an FDLE investigation into Gambersky and Luna?  I dare you to try, Governor.

If the whistleblower allegations are found to be credible, we could see federal or military indictments handed down before the November general election and the arrest of the couple and the fingered SOCOM officer.

Leavenworth Prison

They Would Maybe be Facing the Brig

If the USAF or other service were to bring charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), they could end up in Leavenworth instead of federal prison. If UCMJ law has jurisdiction, they won't be let out on bail by some Trump-appointed federal judge. They'll rot in the brig until their court-martial trial. And if Luna can’t appear on the House floor in person to cast her pro-Putin votes, or any vote on behalf of FL District 13 citizens for that matter, that shaves one vote off the miniscule GOP House majority…before a special or general election. Wait. Did I just say a special election? Could be.

She Doth Protest Too Much

This was just Luna and Gaetz' first pre-emptive strike on what could be one or more federally protected whistleblowers, assuming that's what's happening behind the scenes.  It is frontal attack on the institution of the US Air Force that I served in with distinction at NSA headquarters and at Osan Air Force Base in Korea.  I was a decorated intelligence analyst and Korean linguist.  I stood watch against the dictatorship Kim dynasty at Osan Air Force base in South Korea in my twenties back before the Kims had nukes.

This is an act of desperation on Luna's part.  She's running scared.  She's abusing her power on the House oversight committee to try and dox any whistleblowers, just like the MAGA wing in Congress tried to do with the whistleblowers that came forward in Trump's impeachment trials.

A male polygraph examiner and a female test subject hooked up to polygraph machine
Polygraph Examiner and Female Subject

The Polygraph Challenge

Watch what happens in the next 7 months as Luna and I go toe-to-toe on the issues, her Russia-first votes, our respective USAF records, and her Putin-sock-puppetry. See who voluntarily submits to and passes a polygraph examination on whether Russian blackmail and compromise are at play.

The USAF Receipts Challange

I challenge Anna Luna to publish her own USAF records like I have already on my campaign website as shown above.  ( The burden of proof is on her with the voters in Pinellas County to show that she is not a Russian asset and that her military record is clean and that she's been telling the whole truth about her military service. With a polygraph, we'll find out if she's being blackmailed by the same Russian mafia hit squad that she claimed she had been threatened with by her GOP opponent William Bradford in 2021. With her Air Force records, we'll see if her representations about her Air Force service are perhaps as off as her questionable claims about her father, her upbringing, and her "waitress" job description at a "gentleman's club."

Luna is throwing the USAF under the bus to distract Pinellas voters from these whistleblower

allegations on her and her husband. Maybe the whistleblower is in the OSI itself. 

"Lunagate" and the Dogs of War

A scandal involving a MAGA deep-state officer embedded in SOCOM excusing a MAGA Congressional candidate's husband from showing up for duty so he could campaign with his wife while still drawing full active reserve pay?

If the whistleblower(s) are telling the truth, well, let's just call it "Lunagate", cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

Buckle up Pinellas County. It's on.

I am John Liccione and I am solely responsible for this press release.


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries or information contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156, [email protected]


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