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Democrat John Liccione Targeted in Hack-and-CSAM Implantation Plot With Intent to Frame, Destroy Congressional Campaign

Sophisticated zero-day exploit worm embeds encrypted child sexual assault material (CSAM) inside documents, evades detection. First time seen “in the wild.”

Excerpt of Heads-Up Notification of CSAM Frame-up Plot Against John Liccione

Congressional candidate (D) John Liccione, who is running in a crowded field of 5 to unseat (R) Anna Luna in Florida’s 13th District, has been notified that he has been targeted by a hostile state actor (not China) for a hack-and-CSAM-implantation scheme where the goal is to have him arrested and prosecuted via an anonymous FBI tip for supposed distribution of child sexual assault material (CSAM).

I was notified on April 16th by an operative acting under orders within the federal/DOD cyber-defense community that a “sophisticated state actor” had hacked my systems and had implanted a “sophisticated worm” that was crawling through my documents on my devices and cloud accounts and was embedding encrypted CSAM inside my files.

The intent of the plot is to have me arrested and prosecuted for distributing CSAM that I would have otherwise unwittingly sent to others in email attachments or in my campaign press releases and posts. I was advised to securely wipe all of my systems and cloud accounts using DOD 5220.22-military-grade data wipe software.

The operative told me that 'we are still researching their technique' which leads me to believe this is what's known as a "zero day exploit.” That means this is the first time it has ever been detected “in the wild.”  The notification referenced “Not China” which leads me to believe it’s coming from Russian intelligence or one of Putin’s proxies like Iran or North Korea."

The full text of the communique, which I received by means of a series of 4 Contact Us form submittals, is shown below. The images of the 4 form submittals as they were received are shown below that.


DATE: 4/16/2024

FROM:  “Not China” [email protected]

“You are being targeted by a sophisticated state actor that apparently has access to your computer systems and possibly other electronics you own. We are still researching their technique, but they may have exploited a vulnerability in a camera, router, or perhaps a smart TV. 

The reason we're contacting you is because your system is infected with a sophisticated worm which is embedding CSAM into every document on your computer and cloud accounts. Again, a sophisticated state actor. We advise you to wipe your system using software that meets the DoD 5220.22 M standard. 

We have reason to believe you are being setup for arrest and prosecution. The first step was to infect your system. Then, embed illegal content into existing documents on your system, over time. Third, allow you to organically distribute it via email and other normal activities. 

Fourth, send an anonymous tip to law enforcement, pointing out how you are secretly distributing CSAM in plain sight, and detailing emails, internet posts, etc that can be traced back to you. Take action now. Wipe your computers and cloud backups. Delete emails. Change passwords. <end> “


The Four RussiLeaks "Contact Us" Form Submittals

The New Election Interference Disinformation War

This is election interference on a whole new level of depravity, evil, and cunning as compared to what the Russians did for Trump against Hillary Clinton in 2016. In this age of the dawn of AI, who knows what these images or videos might contain and what level of encryption they're using.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they'd go so far as to embed deep fake CSAM pictures or videos with my face Photoshopped in."

If They Can Do it To Me...

To President Biden, the Democratic Party leadership and to my fellow Democratic candidates, this is the new AI-evolved disinformation war being waged against us in 2024. At the Congressional level, I'm at the top of Putin's target list so be advised, if it can happen to me, it can happen to all of us: especially if you're running in a swing district against a Trump-endorsed MAGA candidate like Luna. We need to stop fighting the last disinformation war and focus on winning this one.

It’s no coincidence that they’re targeting me and my campaign in this specific way, given that the first two planks of my 12-plank platform are focused on interdicting and eliminating child sex trafficking as well as ending mass school school shootings with my “For Every Child a Shield” initiative as shown below.

CSAM Detection Limitations

The current state of the art in CSAM detection is based predominantly on file hash matching look-ups against a database of known CSAM file hashes, with some AI thrown in. That method is not capable of discerning whether a random Microsoft Word document file has embedded, encrypted CSAM content, since the hash of the infected Word file itself won't appear in the known-CSAM database. Here's an article on Thorn's CSAM detection offering. I called and spoke to a Thorn sales rep and she admitted their product wouldn't detect this kind of sophisticated CSAM implantation attack.

The Zero-Day Exploit

My guardian angel told me that "we are studying the worm."  That's an indication that this is a zero-day exploit cyber-attack on a Democratic Congressaional candidate who is an enemy of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and their MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Luna.

I am the Founder and CEO of RussiLeaks USA, LLC, a media company dedicated to exposing Putin's secrets and those of his American agents doing his bidding on US soil: Agents like Trump, Luna, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylore-Greene, to name a few. I launched RussiLeaks over a year before I had decided to enter this race against Luna. I had no idea who Luna even was before I moved here from DC in January of 2023.

What are the odds that some cosmic force would plant the CEO of RussiLeaks here in Luna's district, a Congresswoman whose Russia-First Ukraine-Last votes are in such direct conflict with my anti-Putin-Trump RussiLeaks mission and belief system. I has also published an anti-fascist Putin-Trump takedown book in 2022 entitled: "The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump: Pay no attention to the white Russian behind the curtain: Vladimir Putin's Fascist, Race-baiting, Wizard of Oz strateg to take down America without firing a shot."

John Liccione and His Book: The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump

I had also previously reported that I had received a direct threat from the Russian FSB telling me they would "See you soon" in a March 13th Press Release entitled:

Unfortunately, this new plot has brought my campaigning to a virtual standstill as I have to go on defense to subvert this plot while still a free man. If I were arrested for this on such false pretenses, my campaign is over, which is exactly why Putin-Trump-Luna are going to such extreme, sophisticated lengths to take me down through their cyber-frame job.

They're Desperate to Keep Luna in Office and They're Investing Millions in Malware R&D

No other Democrat in this 5-way race poses such a direct threat to the interests of Putin, Trump, and Anna Luna once elected to Congress. They are scared of me and this an act of desperation. I don't know how much Russian intelligence spent on developing this new, sophisticated CSAM worm they're targeting me with. But I'll wear being targeted by it, and surviving it, and defeating it, as a badge of honor. I'm on the front lines here in the fight to save American democracy from these evil fascist forces that are tearing our country apart.

Hey Putin, Trump and Luna: You all took your best disinformation cyber-shot at me. Epic fail.

This is my cyber-Patriot missile counter-battery fire. Your plot just went down in flames.


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquires contact John Liccione at 443-698-8156.

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