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Anna Luna & Husband Andy Gamberzky Betray Christianity, the USAF, and SOCOM Buddies for 30 Pieces of Taxpayer Silver

Updated: Apr 30

Gold-digger couple sue for millions in taxpayer dollars in craven lawsuit to support lavish lifestyle and raise campaign funds.

Judas Iscariot much? (See Matthew 26:14-16)

by John Liccione, Rebel Democrat for Congress, FL's 13th District

My opponent Anna Luna and her husband Andy Gamberzky are suing the USAF/DOD for millions in US taxpayer dollars after they cut and ran from the US Air Force after Gamberzky violated his enlistment oath and disobeyed the DOD's COVID vaccine standing order during Luna's 2021 Congressional campaign. Then, he voluntarily separated from the Air Force of his own free will to escape a potential Article 15 or court martial with jail time in Leavenworth under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Don't take my word for it. See their federal complaint below they filed in November in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida. (Click to download the full 46-page complaint pdf file)


The couple cite his religious belief against fetal stem cell research as a justification for disobeying a direct order which is specifically designed to prevent Gamberzky from infecting his fellow SOCOM unit members at McDill Air Force Base or during overseas deployments. Don't take my word for it.


Gamby Cry Me a River

Yo Gamberzky you cry baby. I got my air-gun injected vaccinations at basic training at Lackland in 1978 - and I bet you and your wife chose to also get her vaccinations back when you two enlisted, right? You would've been given an administrative or dishonorable discharge back then if you hadn't accepted it.

USAF Female Recruits Receive Airgun-Injected Vaccines at Lackland Air Force Base Circa 1975

Those airgun injectors I got shot with sucked. It hurt like hell. I had blood running down my arm and it raised a large welt. But we obeyed orders. We sucked it up and took one for the team.

That was back then I was earning $419/month as an E-1 Airman. I would be honorably discharged from active duty as an NCO E-5 Staff Sergeant in 1982, and then I served two more years, as an airborne Korean linguist and intel analyst in the AF Reserves and at the NSA until 1985. I served overseas and stood watch against the North Korean Military at Osan Air Force base in South Korea.

So man up, you snowflake. Drop your craven lawsuit dude. You're literally providing me moral ammunition to defeat your wife in November. But I don't have to assassinate her character: YOU'RE assassinating her character. It's a husband-inflicted moral turpitude wound on your own wife. How strange it is that here I am giving you and your wife campaign advice against my own self-interest. You're welcome.

The Middle Ages Just Called

You'd think the Middle Ages just called and they want their mistrust of science back. But actually, these two don't mistrust the science. It's all an act. They obeyed orders and got their shots in basic training and reaped a whole lot of married Air Force and COLA and off-base housing pay plus the GI bill for college. Now, they're just pandering to the anti-vaxer and Christian conservative wings of the MAGA base to bilk them out of their money and their votes. They be Birds of a Trumpian feather.

The Sunday Morning Christian Syndrome (SMCS)

Anna Luna and Husband Andy Gamberzky in their Best Sunday Morning Christian Pose

Gamberzky's letter below which they attached to their complaint asserting his religious exemption reads more like Christian Scientist dogma than the belief system of a born-again Christian true believer. They both are suffering from SMCS - Sunday Morning Christian Syndrome.

Their Bodies Their Choice, Right? Not So Fast.

While it may be that it's ultimately "your body your choice" when it comes to vaccination and damn the health consequences to your SOCOM buddies and unit combat effectiveness, I say this unto you two:

Your right to exhale your COVID-infected breath ends at the point at which your SOCOM unit buddies' noses and mouths begin. And I challenge you to show us a single Bible verse prohibiting vaccination from an infectious disease killing millions of men, women, and children. Can you say black plague? Polio? Smallpox? Bubonic?

Andy Gamberzky's 2-Page Letter Invoking Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccine


Weaponizing Christianity as Both Sword and Shield

Gamberzky and Luna couldn't take the heat and they both chose to get out of the USAF kitchen by voluntarily separating before facing the consequences of their actions. And now the couple want their craven slice of US taxpayer dollars to fund their lavish lifestyle and to raise political donations in the 2024 Congressional campaign - against me. And they're invoking religion and the US Constitution as a sword and shield to do it. Who does that sound like?

The "Bible Upside-Downing" Gambit and the George Floyd Protests of 2021

Their behavior is a lot like the "bible-upside-downing" gambit Trump pulled at that church in Layfayette Square during the George Floyd protest marches in DC. That's literally the day Trump "woke" me out of my cognitive dissonance, and over three days I would march to the White House as a USAF Veteran for Black Lives. That's me below with my fellow vets and on the DC metro with my protest signs. While I was marching for social justice for our black brothers and sisters in the middle of the COVID pandemic, what were you two doing? Defying the COVID vaccine order like a couple of snowflakes while setting the stage for a future lawsuit. And now you're trying to cash in.

What's in your moral wallet?

John Liccione Marches as USAF Veteran for Black Lives at White House in July 2021

The NDAA Repeal of the Vaccine Mandate: Luna Just Voted Against It

But wait. Didn't Congress just REPEAL the COVID vaccine order in the just-passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) - a bill that Luna voted AGAINST? And didn't the NDAA also include a 5.3% pay raise for the troops and veterans that she also voted AGAINST? Three strikes against the USAF and you're out I'd say.

Dismissal With Prejudice - and Shame

Their lawsuit should be dismissed with prejudice on the grounds that Gamberzky waived his right to sue for that when he signed up for enlistment, did not object to vaccinations when he enlisted, and when he voluntarily signed his separation papers after he chose to violate his oath, defied a lawful order, and broke UCMJ law. No one coerced him into any of that. He and Luna reaped the years of financial benefit of military service and GI bill-funded college education.

He's a grown-ass man. Blaming the USAF for his own informed decisions while invoking Christianity as a sword and shield? I call that a constructive waiver of the right to sue and the right to claim the moral and Constitutional high ground. Perhaps it could even be considered fraud against the USAF and the people of the United States. I mean, just look at 2nd paragraph in his lawsuit, which says it all:

“2. Plaintiff was forced to resign from the military after he objected to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination based on his religious beliefs.”

That Plaintiff "was forced to resign" is a bald-faced lie. Case dismissed. It should read:

"Plaintiff voluntarily resigned from the military after he made an informed choice to disobey his commanding officer and refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine: So he and his wife could sue the USAF for millions and use it to raise campaign funds .

Here's a different take on the facts, evidence, and law that the DOJ and USAF JAG should consider.

I Call Your Lawsuit and Raise You a Notional Criminal Indictment

The United States Versus Andrew Gamberzky and Anna Paulina Luna: Case No. TBD


Defendants Andrew Gamberzky and Anna Paulina Luna hatched a multi-year criminal scheme to extort the USAF out of millions by orchestrating the circumstances that would ultimately set the USAF up for a fraudulent lawsuit after Defendant had voluntarily departed the Air Force having willfully refused to obey a direct order from his Commanding Officer to take the COVID-19 vaccine which was necessary to preserve his SOCOM unit's combat readiness.



The first act in the Defendants criminal conspiracy was undertaken when Defendant Gamberzky conspired with Defendant Luna to have Gamberzky disobey a lawful order to take the COVID-19 vaccine from a senior officer during Defendant Luna's Congressional campaign in the middle of the COVID pandemic in 2021.

The next act in the furtherance of the conspiracy was to fraududlenty claim a Christianity-based religious exemption from the DOD's COVID-19 vaccine mandate in 2021 when the Christian faith and the Bible upon which it is based offers no prohibition against vaccination from viral contagions. (Christian Scientist faith excepted - Defendants don't claim to be members of the Christian Scientist Sect)

The third act in furtherance of the conspiracy was to file a fraudulent lawsuit against the USAF and DOD accusting them constructive termination and violation of their 1st amendment right to practice religion/

The fourth act in furtherance of the conspiracy was to fraudulently claim in paragraph 2 of their lawsuit that Gamberzky had been "forced to resign" from the USAF when in fact, he and Luna had plotted his voluntary resignation - as a critical and necessary element of their criminal conspiracy. If not for Gamberky's denial of a lawful COVID vaccine order from a senior officer, followed by his subsequent voluntary separation, there could be no basis whatsoever for any lawsuit against the USAF/DOD.

To USAF JAG Lieutenant General Charles Plummer and Merrick Garland: You're welcome.

Anna Luna Lacks Legal Standing

So why is Anna Luna even a named plaintiff in this lawsuit anyway? It's obviously a Matt Gaetzish and Moscow Marjorie Taylor-Greenish demagogue's play for free media attention, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and campaign fund-raising clickbait within the MAGA anti-vaxers and honest, legitimate Christian fundamentalist communities. Spinning COVID vaccine science denial and defying a lawful order from a superior officer into a Christian-values pro-life anti-abortion issue? That's spin at another level. It's a calculated political move and it's a total canard.

The Canard: The COVID-19 Vaccine Contains Don't Contain Aborted Fetal Stem Cells

In a Nebraska Medicine article entitled "You asked, we answered: Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cells?:, to quote infectious disease expert and practicing Catholic James Lawler, MD:

"No, the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain any aborted fetal cells. However, fetal cell lines – cells grown in a laboratory based on aborted fetal cells collected generations ago – were used in testing during research and development of the mRNA vaccines, and during production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Before we dig into the science, I’d like to have a word... It is true that decades ago, scientists decided to use fetal tissue to start the cell lines we use to test drugs today. However, the description of ongoing modern fetal tissue harvesting to create vaccines is dishonest sensationalism."

There are three degrees of separation (space, molecular/biological science, and time) between the harvesting of fetal stem cells for vaccine R&D that was originally performed generations ago, and what's inside the actual COVID-19 vaccines being produced now. There are no actual aborted fetal stem cells in the COVID-19 vaccine. Period. Case dismissed.

Cut-and-run Luna, who herself signed up for a 6-year USAF enlistment and repeated the financial benefits of single military pay, married (and divorced) pay with COLA and housing allowance bumps, plus the GI bill, may have also cut and run from the Air Force one year early under somewhat murky circumstances. Unlike me, she and Gamberzky won't release their military records, and now she's attacking a USAF whistleblower for releasing some of hers instead of her own volition. This is a repeating pattern of misbehavior, abject hypocrisy, frivolous lawsuits, disloyalty, immorality, and lies, all coupled with their craven lust for riches, power, and fame.

Betraying Democracy, Ukraine, and the USAF

Just when you thought they couldn't stoop any lower than supporting Putin's agenda at the expense of Ukrainian children's right to life, freedom and democracy, now they're wrapping themselves in the cloak of Christianity to justify their craven effort to extort the USAF out of millions after Gamberzky made his grown-ass-man's decision to quit after refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Judas Iscariots indeed.

They're both quitters. Quitters on the USAF. Quitters on democracy. Quitters on their oaths of enlistment. Quitters on Christian values.

Man-Up Gamberzky: Stop Hiding Under Your Wife's Skirt

You knew the consequences Gamberzky. We're an all-volunteer military. You chose to enlist. You chose to get your shots in basic training. You raised no religious objections back then because you knew you'd get drummed out in an administrative or dishonorable discharge.

Then you chose to disobey your commanding officer as an E-6 NCO. You're were supposed to be a leader who sets an example for his subordinates. You chose to put your Air Combat Controller unit buddies at McDill Air Force Base at risk of infection in the middle of a global pandemic. Were you deployed? Did you actually infect any of your guys and gals? Maybe some will step forward and attest to it. If they do, you and your wife won't be "Swift-Boated" like John Kerry. You'll be "COVID-Karen-booted" by the voters of Pinellas County and by all of our veterans and active duty service members here.

I certainly wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with you, forced to breath in your COVID-infected breath. (Not that I was ever actually in combat or a foxhole - I was a linguist and intel guy briefing pilots on North Korean fighter tactics.) You chose to place your SPECOPS unit force readiness at risk. That's why the COVID and other vaccine shots are mandatory for service members in the first place: It isn't personal. It's not about you. It's about your buddies and your unit's combat readiness. It's all about force readiness in an Air Combat Controller SPECOPS unit.

Stop being such a self-entitled whining Karen you A-hole.

You two are worse than Marjorie Taylor-Greene. At least she didn't quit Congress then sue it after her ridiculous and selfish my-body-my-choice COVID mask antics during the January 6th insurrection.

The Freedom of Choice

You both knew you were facing a potential Article 15 and possible court martial in the middle of your wife's campaign in 2021. But you still chose to defy a standing order. Then, you chose to separate of your own free will to escape the consequences for you and your wife's own politically- and financially-motivated selfish decisions. You don't get to come back retroactively and bite the hand that fed you and your wife over the past decade after you've betrayed your oaths and your buddies.

You're a disgrace to the uniform. And by enabling you and appearing as co-plaintiff in your bogus lawsuit, so is your wife.

The voters of Pinellas County will see you both for what you have become. A couple of Sunday Morning Christians betraying their enlistment oaths, the Air Force, your buddies in the foxhole, Christianity, and America: For your 30 pieces of American taxpayer silver.

And all in pursuit of power, votes, and riches that will be stripped from the backs of the US taxpayer and snatched from the wallets and purses of all those legitimate God-fearing Republican Christian donors. You're just another couple of "Bible upside-downers."

We'll see y'all in Federal Court and in the Court of Public Opinion in November.

And please, my fellow Americans, no matter where in America or the world you may live, please consider making a donation to my campaign. Removing Anna Luna from office has now become a national imperative.

I'm John Liccione, Rebel Democrat for Congress, and I am solely responsible for this message.


Paid for by John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact John Liccione, Rebel Democrat for Congress at 717-422-2051 or [email protected]

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you have to be kidding me. not taking the shot is awesome. AND THEY NEED TO SUE the government so that it realizes that this kind of overreach will never be tolerated.


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John Liccione is a pornographer and abuses Ukrainian women. It says so right on his congressional website!

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