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For Every Child a Shield, To Every School a Dog

Updated: Jan 16

John Liccione's national, integrated, all-domain strategy to end mass school shootings and child sex trafficking while preserving 1st and 2nd Amendment rights



To secure the blessings of our children's safety, education, and welfare, for ourselves and our posterity.

Mission Objectives

To ensure a safe and secure environment for all children by driving the school shooting death and child sex trafficking rates to zero within four years, as a strategic national security goal.

City of Hampton VA Schools on the Many Benefits of Weapons-Detection Dogs

Strategy and Methodology

Achieve mission goals through system-engineered, integrated, multi-layered security shield which includes, pro-active interdiction and early-intervention measures, community engagement, and robust mental health support, and by increasing STEM education capacity, at the national, state, and local levels. Also, to continue efforts to reasonably strengthen gun safety laws such as red-flags, safe storage, trigger-locks, biometrics locks, and criminal/mental-health background checks.

The Pilots of Our Future

Our children are the pilots of our future. To turn a willful blind eye to the mass school shootings and child sex trafficking threats they face in the cockpits that are their classrooms, and in their communities, is inexcusable in a modern society. "Hopes and prayers" is not a strategy: It's a cop out. One can characterize that mentality in lawyer language as gross negligence and depraved indifference. It is the willful failure to exercise the duty of care this generation owes its children, and it represents a depraved and willful effort to turn a blind eye to their horrendous suffering.

I Will Show You "The Way"

I submit that there is a way to end mass school shootings in America without freaking out the gun lobby and legal gun owners. A way that will assuage the fear of gun seizure that is being stoked, as strategy, by Vladimir Putin, through his minister of mass digital communications, an evil, Heinrich Himmler-esk man named Maxshut Shodayev, along with his IT Advisor, Alexander Egorov. Not to mention all their agents that are fomenting chaos in America on Putin's behalf: Agents such as Putin's "MAGA Princess of Chaos" Anna Paulina Luna and that red-headed Russian swallow that infiltrated the NRA in 2016: Maria Butina.

As a side note: I will will point out that Alexander Egorov also runs the Russian subsidiary of an American nuclear/radiological materials shipping company called Edlow International which is headquartered in Washington DC and has a Russian St. Petersburg subsidiary run by Egorov called Edlow East-West Russia. Edlow ships Putin's Rosatom nuclear fuel and radiological materials worldwide, including to the United States nuclear power plants, like a nuclear FedEx. I covered this in depth in a RussiLeaks exposé last March entitled: "Putin's Nuke Surprise and the American CEO That's Enabling Him." See the relationship diagram below.


A Completeness of Vision

As to the school mass shooting problem, I have imagined a quickly implementable and practical solution using off-the-shelf systems. I've envisioned it. I see it in my mind's eye. And now I've entered the system's preliminary design phase. Once completed, all we need to get it done, together, is a completeness of vision, and the ability to execute.

The 9/11 Analogy and Mitigation Strategy

KIDS-SOC: A Proposed National School Overwatch Security Operations Center

My concept is derived from the post-9/11 methodologies and strategies employed to deliver easily applied emergency security patches to the "known vulnerabilities" in our national aviation infrastructure and air defense systems. After 9/11, we first adopted a pilot-centered mentality for the first security patch: Securing the pilots in the cockpit. Then we moved to defend the passengers in the cabin. Then we worked outwards and upwards from the airport facility level then all the way up to Washington DC with our disparate agencies, then to the USAF and NORAD.

The disparate defensive elements are already there. They're being used and refined within America's public and private institutions and our civilian, federal, and military technological base. These systems and methods have just never been laser-focused, adapted, made more child-focused and child-friendly. They haven't been integrated to specifically solve just this one problem better than anything in the world: The America-unique school mass shooting problem.

These combinations of high- and low-tech measures work in our post-9/11 aviation system. From the hardening of cockpit doors, cabins staffed randomly with air marshals, airports equipped with scanning tech and TSA agents and bomb-sniffing dogs. The National Counter-Terrorism Center was created fusing intelligence collection and analysis from HUMINT, SIGINT, PHOTINT sources worldwide. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was created. DHS was created. Think of all the trillions in post 9/11 investments we made to design and field these "security patches" to our aviation system's vulnerabilities. We use these systems and methods every day, in our military for force protection overseas, in Special Operations Command here at McDill Air Force base right here in Tampa, our ISR capabilities in the air, on the ground, on the sea, and in orbit.

And now it's time we applied them all in a rolling wave of critical "security patches" to the "known security vulnerabilities" that we know exist in America's education, law enforcement, defense, and intelligence systems as it pertains to our children's safety, education, and well being. Over the next several months I'll be rolling out my design concepts, funding plan, and will seek public comment.


The Child Sex Trafficking Scourge

There is also a way to end child sex trafficking in America. I have imagined and envisioned that as well. That's a more complex problem to solve given the unlimited funding and sophisticated technology and weaponry provided by Russian state sponsored international child sex trafficking rings, international organized crime acting on Putin's and others' behalves on US soil, and all the worlds' billionaire pedophile consumers that make it such a profitable business enterprise for Putin, the Russian mafia, and other criminal organizations.

QAnon should be seen as nothing more than a Russian psychologic warfare avatar for Putin. He has rebranded and weaponized his own state-sponsored international child sex trafficking eco-system and has launched QAnon messaging over the Internet and through our media, targeting the collective American psyche, in an effort to maintain some kind of plausible deniability while distracting us with strawmen like Pizza Gate.

Child sex trafficking and pedophilia infects susceptible elements of every institution in America and is used to develop Russian Kompromat on Americans in key positions in public office and private industry. Don't take my word for it. Just watch look at this recent interview where Republican Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee claimed that: "Russian spies have compromising tapes of some of his GOP colleagues in bed" as reported by Business Insider in an article entitled: "A GOP House member thinks his colleagues have been taped sleeping with Russian spies: 'Next thing you know, you're in the motel room with 'em naked,"

How ironic indeed that Anna Luna and Matt Gaetz, the Putin-Kompromised MAGA Prince and Princess of Chaos, would appear onstage with Tim Burchett demagoguing the UFO disclosure issue for free press coverage.

Approaching this problem as if only members of one political party are susceptible is irrational, divisive, and that's explicitly why Putin created QAnon in the first place. Yes, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein air to his pedophile island. That's a fact. There's certainly smoke there and we shall ultimately see if there is fire. Donald Trump bought a teen beauty pageant and he publicly bragged about how he could get away with walking in on half-dressed teenage beauty contestants: And he dares America to hold him accountable for it. Another fact.

Vladimir Putin is arguably the richest man on earth and from the Kremlin, his palaces, and from the superyachts he uses as floating loci of evil, he commands all of Russia's intelligence agencies worldwide, his Spetsnaz commandos, his child sex trafficking resources, and the Russian mafia with a global satellite and Internet connected command and control system. They all work hand-and-glove in the field with his state-backed international child sex trafficking ring.

Don't Stand in the Doorway, Don't Block Up the Hall

Those in Congress and the media and elsewhere who stand in the doorway and block up the halls to prevent delivery of a national child defense infrastructure, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, "She that gets ousted, will be she who has stalled." And here in Pinellas County, that "she" is none other than Putin's MAGA Princess of Chaos, Anna Paulina Luna.

There Is Common Ground: It's Right There In Front of Us, Just Waiting for Us to Seize It

We should all agree that if there was a way to end school mass shootings and child sex trafficking, quickly, a way that didn't impinge upon the rights of legal gun owners, then we should be doing that, not this. And when I saw "this" I mean the never-ending status quo that has families and communities screaming at each other while we try to chip away at the margins with things like red flag laws (which are necessary but insufficient). Amongst this Putin-stoked chaos, nothing moves the child safety needle much. We're approaching these problems the wrong way, as if there is only one answer to this complex problem.

While one side of the aisle in Congress offers meaningless platitudes of "hopes and prayers," the other side seems focused solely on more gun control laws up to and including seizure of certain classes of weapons, a mindset and strategy that inflames the passions of legal gun owners with no criminal intent. This provides their representatives air cover to block meaningful gun safety legislation.

Possession of a fully automatic, un-serialized ghost machine gun, or even a serialized one, is already a federal crime. But that doesn't stop people like my ex-wife's divorce lawyer Carl Somerlock, from assembling them in his house before he was arrested for it in May of 2019. He would get a slap on the wrist from the DOJ (no jail time) and the Maryland Supreme Court (Reprimand only), just two months ago. The DOJ and MD Courts allowed him to continue to practice law. See: United States vs Carl Somerlock, Case No: 1:19-cr-00369-ELH, MD US District Court, and my RussiLeaks exposé. entitled, "Ghost Machine Gun Lawyer Challenges Red Flag Law After Wife Threatens Suicide by Gun."

That's right, this issue has touched my life personally.


The Art of the Possible

I submit that it is possible to end mass school shootings by threading the needle in a manner that takes off the table the 2nd Amendment concerns of reasonable people. The enemies of Democracy would have us believe that saving kids from mass school shootings, and the right to bear arms, are mutually exclusive. That's a fallacy stoked by Putin's propaganda machine as was confirmed with the arrest of his Russian red-headed swallow Maria Butina, who used sex to infiltrate the NRA. She succeeded in getting the Ukraine lethal aid and Oleg Deripaska sanction planks removed from the GOP platform on Putin and Trump's behalf at the 2016 GOP national convention. That's public knowledge. Butina was convicted and when released she received a hero's welcome from Putin who awarded the Order of Lenin for a job well done for him at the GOP Convention. Putin is literally laughing at our gullibility, publicly. Talk about using sex as a weapon.

It is now within America's grasp at this very moment in human history to end the two evil scourges of school mass shootings and child sex trafficking in the next four to six years. And to do so without impinging on the right to bear arms or other equally important civil rights. Advances in AI software, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology, data fusion, personal armor, door armor, and other methods described in detail later, can be integrated and deployed school-by-school, state-by-state, and nationwide within 4 years.

It all starts with a child-centric design approach.

And that's what I mean when I say: "For Every Child a Shield. To Every School a Dog." It is both metaphor and a literal expression of key elements of an overall child security solution.

And that's why I'm running for Congress. A vote for me delivers a two-vote swing in Congress against the evils of school mass shooting and child sex trafficking. While others talk the talk of platitudes, I walk my talk, I'm putting my own money where my mouth is, and it matters not whether the Democratic Party supports me in this endeavor. I'm going to see it done.


Exposing the Secrets of the Enemies of Democracy

Without democracy, all civil rights are forfeit on the whim of a dictator. And that includes our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Voting rights, freedom from illegal searches and seizures, abortion rights, freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, and so on. Just look at Russia right now. When was the last time you saw Russian civilians bearing semi-automatic AK-47's peacefully protesting in front of the Kremlin like the Michigan militia did in the Michigan statehouse in April of 2020? How 'bout never?

A Donald Trump as dictator on day one will likely declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution including the 2nd Amendment, and may very well order a nationwide seizure of everyone's guns - not just by the FBI/ATF, but MAGA elements embedded within the US military. No dictator in all of modern human history has tolerated the threat of a heavily armed civilian populace. So, listen up Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Michigan militiamen. If elected, Trump will come for your guns. Joe Biden has been in office for 3 years now. How many legally owned guns have been seized from all of you so far under the Biden administration, exactly? Does "Don't Tread on Me!" not apply equally if it's Trump seizing your AR-15?

So, you see, from the 50,000 foot level, I'm not just running against Anna Luna. I'm running against Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Majorie Taylor-Green, Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and what has devolved into what is now a unified fascist belief system that is enabling the ongoing psychological abuse of America by Putin and Trump. And they all do so while ignoring the most critical and deadly threats to our kids.

Right now, we have an openly declared would-be "dictator-for-a-day" who claims he has the power if re-elected to suspend the US Constitution, as the presumptive Republican nominee. It's now as a 50/50 toss-up as to whether Democracy falls on January 21, 2025.

Not on my watch.

John Liccione

Candidate for Congress

Florida's 13th District


Next Up: On Defending Democracy


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Jan 15
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.


Your ideas are just... weird. A shield for every child? Really?

And when the shooter comes in with the gun, the first thing he does is shoot the frickin' dog!!! If I'm not mistaken, in most school shootings recently, the problem isn't a hidden gun coming in the school building. It's an exposed rifle coming in the door shooting. Plus, you gonna have a dog with a controlling officer at every entry point? There are almost always several entry points. Trying to limit to one entry point is something that has been tried and it failed.

Dog don't work, dude.


Jan 14


Jan 05
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.


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