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John Liccione Was Found "Not Guilty" of Assaulting Wife in 2018 Bench Trial

Updated: Feb 1

Releases expunged court trial sheet proving not guilty verdict in bench trial in Maryland Case No. 13-K-17-57966.

Accuses Tampa Bay Times, Dem party of cover-up, defamation, fraudulent concealment.

Accuses Microsoft, OpenAI of knowingly selling defective AI Chatbot products that are destroying truth and his rep for profit



CASE NO: 13-K-17-57966










Withdraws motions - Granted-(Futcher) wishes to invoke spousal privilege.

Trial date advanced to 2/14/18 by Judge Gelfman (verbalized by Judge Tucker).

Marital privilege invoked - Granted



John Liccione standing in front of the  Howard County Maryland Circuit Court in Navy hat wearing a fly fishing vest
John Liccione Declares Victory at Howard County Circuit Courthouse In Ellicott City MD

Florida Democratic Party officials, possibly in coordination with the Tampa Bay Times, have been acting to destroy the truth about my being found fully not guilty on all counts at a bench trial held on February 14, 2018 in MD case no. 13-K-17-57966, on what were my then-wife's false accusations of assault and false imprisonment. Above is the verbatim, relevant text lifted off the Circuit Court's Criminal (Trial) Hearing Sheet (shown below) reflecting the existence of the trial, the trial date, and the recording of my not guilty on all counts verdict as it was rendered by Judge Willam Tucker in what was a 20-minute bench trial. It was a sham trial where no evidence at all was introduced, no-one testified, and no closing argument was even offered by the prosecution. Below is an authentic scanned copy of the actual trial verdict sheet showing the not guilty verdict as it was recorded on the form by hand by Judge Tucker's clerk, V. Bloom. That's me on the right with my fist raised in victory in front of the courthouse during a visit last summer after I had succeeded in getting a conditional waiver and release voided in this case which now allows me to bring suit against the state of Maryland and my accusers for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

The document shows that the trial had been moved up to February 14, 2018 from its originally scheduled date on order of Judge Gelfman, which is something I had demanded. It also shows my then-wife had invoked her spousal privilege on the stand. Why is that one might ask?

What the world does not yet know is the whole truth about why she had refused to testify, and what were the set of circumstances that motivated her to first falsely accuse me, to have me imprisoned for 6 months. and what brought about her final decision at trial to not take the risk of perjuring herself on the witness stand.

The GoPro Video and the Extortion Scheme

GoPro Hero10 Camera With Headstrap
GoPro Hero10 Camera With Headstrap

The two primary reasons, which to date have not yet been publicly revealed accurately, is that I had a GoPro video camera strapped to my forehead that recorded the whole incident: It proved she was lying. I wore that camera precisely because she had a track record of lying to the cops and judges and defaming me to them whenever I didn't give her what she wanted.

Picture of Ghost Machine Gun Lawyer Carl Somerlock
Ghost Machine Gun Lawyer Carl Somerlock: Architect of the $1.4M Extortion Scheme

The first time she pulled that scam on me and the cops was because I had refused to let her use my pick-up truck. I'm not kidding. It was in late 2013. Then she pulled of a much worse scam in 2016 in what was a successful effort to obtain sole use and possession of the marital home. Then came her notorious ghost machine gun lawyer, Carl Somerlock, a Maryland lawyer that was federally indicted by the DOJ in 2019 in the middle of my divorce appeal for possession of ghost machine guns and a silencer that he had kept some 6 miles away from my Dayton MD home in his Glenwood home. Somerlock admitted to it in return for deferred prosecution. A slap on the wrist.

He was just sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Maryland for unethical conduct for the same thing: Another slap on the wrist. See the Court's "reprimand" order to the right. Why his license to practice law hasn't been revoked is a mystery to me. Then there is my then-wife's boyfriend, Somerlock's partner Bruce Eric Miller, a guy who worked at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

This tag-team of miscreants scammed the system in this assault case in 2017. Then they did it again in another county in 2019. They were after my money, my $1M house, and they abused the legal system to get it: Smack in the middle of our back-to-back high-net-worth divorce cases.

Bruce Eric Miller sits in the back of the courtroom during John Liccione and Moea Goron-Futcher's Divorce Hearing
Bruce Erick Miller - Carl Somerlock's Partner in Crime and my Then-Wife's Boyfriend Sitting in back in Divorce Court, 2019

Bruce Miller would impersonate a Somerlock law firm employee on a recorded phone call, thus engaging in interstate wire-fraud on the phone with my stock transfer agent AST. By means of deception and subterfuge he got them to disclose to him that I had an account there holding 100,000 shares of Tenable stock. It would be a successful criminal effort by him and Somerlock to have AST and Tenable freeze all my stock after Tenable went public in 2018 after I had been found not guilty. Now that particular fraud scheme cost me over $700K in lost stock sale proceeds. Ouch! AST provided me a copy of Miller's fraudulent phone call under subpoena in my divorce case. I'll save the publishing of the Miller phone call to AST for another day.

Having me arrested and imprisoned was Somerlock's and Miller's chosen method to generate extortion leverage and they seemed to have arm-twisted my wife into participating in their extortion scheme. So you see, it wasn't just my ex-wife's doing. She had an entire team of corrupt men and women around her coercing her and guiding this assault on my freedom, my money, my home and our marriage.

The State's Attorney Deborah Miller saw and listened to the video footage and realized my wife, Somerlock, and Miller had been lying to her all along. What the public also does not yet know is that my ex, her boyfriend, and her felonious lawyer had just extorted me out of over $1.4M in stock and cash in our divorce under threat of false testimony. Her lawyer lied about it. My lawyer lied about it. My lawyer V. Peter Markuski admitted to me privately: "Of course it's extortion!" Both lawyers then lied to the presiding judge in my divorce settlement conference claiming falsely, on the record, that "this is in no way blackmail...not extortion." It's all in the transcript.

Upon realizing I was innocent, Assistant State's Attorney Deborah Miller offered to dismiss the case before trial. I rejected her offer and forced it to trial. That was because I had predicted what might happened to me later as I worked to rebuild my life. I knew, after 6 months of false imprisonment, how a dismissal before trial could be used against me to raise doubt about my innocence. Now here we are, some 7 years later, and my prediction indeed has come to pass. But, surprise, they are actively concealing from the public my trial's not-guilty verdict sheet. Wow. I didn't see that one coming, especially not from my own Party and a supposedly reputable local newspaper that's owned by the Poynter Institute who owns PolitiFact of all things. PolitiFact refused to respond to my complaint about their sister entity the Times.

Expungement Petititon Showing Acquittal
Expungement Petititon Showing Acquittal

I chose a bench trial over a jury trial for simplicity and speed's sake. The judge was the jury. That's what a bench trial is. You place your fate in the hands of a single judge, by choice, rather place it in the hands of a jury of 12. I forced this trial to be moved up to February 14th. The State offered no evidence, no closing argument. Judge Tucker found me not guilty in 20 minutes. The case was expunged that April. The expungement petition shows "acquittal" a you can plainly see.

The expungement itself is now less than worthless as to my campaign. I continue to be defamed by the Times and the Democratic Party: Both of whom continue to conceal from the public that I was found not guilty at trial. The Tampa Bay Times continues to stick by their fake news stories. Their political editor Allison Ross just literally told me that the only trial that exists is a trial by jury and that their reporting of the lack of a trial is somehow accurate. At this point I have to say, she can't possibly be that ignorant about our legal system. She's a college educated professional political editor at a mainstream newspaper. Wow again. After I told her this, guess what happened just yesterday. They lawyered up.

See Ms. Ross' ridiculous email below that she sent me. I'm not making this up. In my response I thanked her for handing me a victory on summary judgement. That claim that bench trial isn't a thing, is Dominion vs Fox News kind of gold.


From: Allison Ross <[email protected]>

Date: Thu, Jan 25, 2024 at 4:44 PM

Subject: RE:

To: John Liccione <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Liccione,

Thank you for contacting us about certain coverage of your Congressional run. Your January 16, 2024, email to me takes issue with two stories. The first story, Anna Paulina Luna’s first congressional challenger has checkered past, was published online on September 18, 2023. The second story, Pinellas Dems decline to recognize candidate challenging Luna, was published online on October 29, 2023.

In sum, your email states that the stories leave readers with the impression “that there was never a trial” in relation to assault charges brought against you in Maryland and that the Times failed to report that you were acquitted of those charges. You also claim that OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4.0 Chatbot is now, based on that reporting, generating artificial intelligence content (when prompted by you) stating “there was no trial verdict of ‘not guilty’ in the specified case.” You do not take issue with any other aspects of the reporting found in either story, which include detailed accountings of, among other things, your various legal matters.

Before addressing your specific concerns, please know that the Times welcomes comments from the subjects of its reporting, and takes any criticism of that reporting seriously. We have, therefore, reviewed the issues raised in email and given them due consideration. Contrary to your assertion, the first story in fact makes clear that court records in the criminal assault case indicated you had been found “not guilty” and that the matter was expunged. The specific details of how that came to be, that is, because your spouse refused to testify against you, are also reported in the story. That the story did not detail every exact step in the criminal process in that case does not alter the gist of the outcome: you were not convicted, found not guilty, and the charges against you did not go forward. Any implication that the way the matter was reported somehow indicates a level of culpability on your part is extreme and unreasonable. No fair-minded reader would come to that conclusion. The second story leaves readers with the same impression.

As to ChatGPT, as you probably appreciate, we have no control over or input into its content generation. Moreover, it appears to be accurate if it stated that “there was no trial verdict of ‘not guilty’ in the specified case.” Your wife’s invocation of the spousal privilege and refusal to testify resulted in the case never being considered by a jury and no “verdict” was therefore rendered. As the hearing sheet docket you provided notes, the “not guilty” determination was a “finding” by the presiding judge.

All told, we must stand by our reporting but thank you again for writing."


Allison Ross

Senior editor, politics and government

Tampa Bay Times

cell: 561-906-4667



They Am Become Liars, Destroyers of Truth

The Democratic Party in Florida continues to refuse to grant my appeal hearing in Tallahassee and have chosen to not even respond, let alone set a hearing date as is required under their own Party by-laws. Why is that. Who is calling the shots. Nikki Fried? Or is it Jamie Harrison and Gretchen Whitmer at the top of the DNC in Washington? Discovery will reveal all.

And thus, with this press release and its accompanying court records, the Democratic Party and the Tampa Bay Times' attempts to destroy truth itself about me and my wrongful arrest and prosecution, and my ex-wife's perjury, and my not-guilty-at-trial verdict, and the truth about my ex-wife's criminal co-conspirators who extorted me, has utterly and completed failed. They tried to pull a Fox News on me. Epic fail. You don't Fox News me. I MSNBC you!

And so it does also seem that these defective Microsoft and OpenAI chatbot products continue to cause irreparable damage to my reputation and my Congressional campaign.

To wit: If you ask OpenAI's ChatGPT4 Chatbot this question: "Was John Liccione found "not guilty" at trial of assaulting his wife in 2018?, it spits out this wholly erroneous and defamatory garbage.

ChatGPT4 Answer:

"John Liccione was not officially found "not guilty" in a trial for assaulting his wife in 2018. The charges against him were dismissed and later expunged from his record after his ex-wife chose not to testify. This dismissal means that there was no trial verdict of "not guilty"; the charges were dropped before reaching that stage. For more details, you can refer to the Tampa Bay Times article."

For Times Political Editor a Bench Trial is Not a Thing

They all continue to perpetuate the same false narrative about my trial and my acquittal, claiming neither exist. They are in an insular, cross-referencing circular firing squad, each referring to the other as the source for their (false) claims. The Tampa Bay Times quotes the Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith's defamatory accusation of moral turpitude. Griffith points her finger back at the Times articles as her proof of my moral turpitude. Both use Microsoft and/or ChatGPT's AI chatbots to do their lazy-ass fact-checking. They refuse to do any actual fact checking against the records of truth - the court records themselves, even as I gave the Times this same copy of my not guilty at trial verdict sheet, before they published their articles. Now, the Times is literally lying about what is written on the court record itself, and what the actual words were that they printed in their own story. The word "Trial" appears twice in the not-guilty verdict sheet.

ChatGPT cites the Tampa Bay Times as the source for its (dis)information saying the case was dismissed without a trial, and thus, they falsely claim there was NOT a not-guilty-at-trial verdict.

Corrupt Motives

These five entities have all been corrupted in different ways and for different reasons. Willful stupidity is actionable under negligence law. Malicious intent or a careless disregard for the truth gets you punitive damages. Concealing from the public that this was an actual COURT record of a not-guilty-at-trial verdict sheet, gets you a punitive damages multiplier and is actionable fraud by way of concealment and fraudulent misrepresentation. Just ask Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems. Refusing to print a retraction in your paper within 30 days after given notice by the Florida Attorney General, wins you jailtime under Florida defamation criminal law.

For the companies selling these defective AI products - it's naked greed, a lust for profits, driving their errant behavior. It is capitalism run amok. It's all about increasing company valuations. Generating executive wealth in what is the early stage in the hottest of hot tech sectors here at the dawn of the age of AI, right now, in 2024, is the driver.

We had our hype cycle and boom and bust. Now we're in the early phase of the AI hype cycle. The next well-known phase in the technology hype lifecycle is called "The Trough of Disillusionment." If there's anyone more disillusioned with AI right now than me, I haven't yet met them.

For the Tampa Bay Times, it's also all about profit, but in the form of ad revenue. Their defamatory headlines and stories about me are all clickbait lies designed to entice the reader to click on the sensational, scandalous headline because, oh, look here folks, a wife-beating stalker who (supposedly) beat the rap by buying his battered wife's silence, is running for Congress in Florida against that squeaky-clean and unbeatable Anna Luna who has Donald Trump's support.

The Definition of Insanity

For the Pinellas County and Florida Democratic Party elite like Jennifer Griffith and Nikki Fried, it's a corrupt combination of patronizing bias against a male survivor of domestic violence on disability for PTSD, a man falsely accused by a wife of what she had been doing to him. These two oh-so-earnest liberals who supposedly hold diversity, equity and inclusion like I do as a core value, (just not for old straight white male spousal assault survivors though) think they know better than the African American judge and the 2 female domestic violence prosecutors in Maryland and the Democratic voters in Pinellas County. They think they know better than you, which Democratic candidate in this primary race has the right stuff to defeat Anna Luna, beat Trump, and save American democracy and our children.

They are both doing exactly the wrong things necessary to defeat Anna Luna. In doing so they've exposed their prejudices and biases in violation of everything the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for. They have exposed themselves to public ridicule and shaming. They have exposed themselves and the Party to expensive lawsuits that will be paid for out of Party coffers and Democratic PACs, just like Donald Trump's legal bills are being paid by his PACs and individual Republican donors.

The Democratic party in Florida is under siege. We keep losing, and losing. Since Bernie got shafted by the DNC in 2016, we keep doing the same stupid things and expect different results.

We are not going to defeat Anna Luna with vanilla slogans spouting the same old party dogma.

On The Island of Misfit Democrats

To take down Anna Luna, we need a Democratic candidate with fire in the belly, a tough debater. A misfit. A candidate forged and strengthened in a tough, fair, competitive primary. A candidate who has been to hell and back and survived and come out stronger. They won't invite me to a primary debate as things stands now. I'm blacklisted. They are scared of me because they can't control me. They've banished me to the Island of Misfit Democrats. We don't want a party pre-ordained candidate. We don't want a sham primary.

Democratic party voters, independents and many Republican voters, are hungry for someone with fresh ideas, a divergent thinker. A fiery orator that doesn't lie to them. This is the very reason we are losing more and more independent voters here and why we have been unable to peel away enough Lincoln-project Republicans to make a difference. It is the primary reason Anna Luna defeated Eric Lynn by 26K+ votes in 2022: DeSantis' gerrymandering notwithstanding.

I have the chops to swing at least 100,000 additional independent and Republican votes our way this November. I have the strategy. I have the fire; I have the tools. My goal is to defeat Anna Luna in a 20-point landslide. A vote for me delivers a two-vote swing in Congress for ending school mass shooting deaths in 4 short years. I am dead serious. I call my plan "For Every Child a Shield, To Every School a Dog." The slogan is part metaphor and part literal. Give it a read.


With or without the Democracy party's recognition, support, or PAC money, I'm going to win this primary and defeat Anna Luna. Full Stop.

Come all ye fellow Democratic misfits. Come, follow me. And I will give you rest. The choice couldn't be more simple and straight forward, as is shown in the graphic below:


I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Walt Whitman, The Road Less Travelled

Liccione out.


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact John Liccione, 443-698-8156, [email protected]


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