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"Putin has Captured the US Senate in Just 12 Months," Says John Liccione, FL Democratic Candidate for Congress

Updated: Mar 29

Trump and GOP Throw US Border Security Under the Bus Handing Putin a Stunning Victory in Ukraine War

In this article I reported that the government shutdown blackmail gambit by Anna Luna, Matt Gaetz, and 10 other freedom caucus members plus a majority of Republicans, where they threatened a government shutdown if a Ukraine aid package wasn't dropped from the continuing resolution, represented a Putin beachhead in the US Congress that must not be permitted. If allowed to be established, I warned, this Putin beachhead would provide Putin a launchpad for a psychological warfare and Kompromat offensive that would result in the capture of a majority of Republicans in Congress.

It has taken exactly 1 year minus 3 days for Putin to capture 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate (plus a boost from Bernie Sanders). The final Republican Senator holdout, minority leader Mitch McConnell, has now fallen. And with that, Putin's capture of a US Senate majority, with an assist from Bernie Sanders, is now fully realized.

In the 12 months since Matt Gaetz, Anna Luna, and 10 others in the "Freedom Caucus" introduced their "Ukraine Fatigue Resolution" (HR-113), a piece of work that demanded the immediate cessation of all US military/financial aid to Ukraine, I've been warning that if this Putin-virus were to gain a beachhead in Congress, it would quickly infect the rest of the GOP and would result in the ultimate enslavement of 35 million free Ukrainians by Vladimir Putin.

Shortly after my Luna Gaetz beachhead article, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stripped all Ukraine aid from the continuing resolution and the Democrats folded. And just as I had predicted, Putin won, Ukraine lost, and thus, Putin's beachhead was secured. See the Washington Post's story on that. Ukraine aid stripped from spending bill to to avert U.S. government shutdown - The Washington Post

And just as I had predicted, from that beachhead, Putin has been on the relentless march. With Donald Trump ordering the GOP to vote down the border bill this week, which included in it Ukraine and Israeli aid, Putin has succeeded in capturing a majority of the US Senate. The final holdout, Mitch McConnell, outed himself as the Trump-ring-kissing simp that he is.

Vladimir Putin, who has utterly failed on the Ukraine battlefield at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Russian lives, has pulled a Sun Tzu on America and our European allies. While we were all watching the kinetic war in Ukraine, he has been executing an insurgency here on US soil in the US Congress. He has done it through developing Kompromat on certain GOP congressman, and by laundering his anti-Ukraine agenda through the mouths of Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Anna Luna, and Marjorie Taylor-Greene. He's done it by laundering his agenda through the mouths of Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax hosts, over the US airwaves and the Internet. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, are fully Putin's unregistered foreign agents. It is no coincidence that right now, Tucker Carlson is literally in Moscow where Putin is granting him a public Interview. Tucker Carlson is a traitor. There is no more pretense. The mask is off.

Imagine if Hitler and Josef Goebbels, armed with a digital mass-media disinformation network Putin commands today. They may have been able to compromise enough Congressman to vote against military aid to the United Kingdom during WWII. The swastika would have flown over Buckingham Palace, just like it did over Paris. From his UK beachhead, Hitler's U-boats and warships and bombers would have used the UK as a launch point for military strikes against the US mainland and our merchant shipping. Hitler's bombs and longer-range V rockets would have been falling on Boston, New York City, Washington, and Miami. It would have been American children being mass-murdered instead of Ukrainian kids.

To my fellow progressive Democrats here in Pinellas County. I'm now embroiled in a 5-way Democratic primary race in which the Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith is not only publicly defaming me to the Tampa Bay Times on utterly false pretenses, she is denying me party recognition and equal treatment. Last week she upped the ante by swiping one of my campaign signs in the hallway of the St. Petersburg College Epicenter in front of 50 witnesses. I haven't had a campaign sign swiped since I ran for high-school senior class president in 1977 (true story). Just how low can she go?

I've had to take the unprecedented step of filing for a restraining order against Griffith to prevent further harassing attacks on me and my property. Her literal fingerprints are literally on one of my campaign signs. The level of entitlement and open brazenness is breathtaking in its hypocrisy here in a party which holds sacred the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, just like I do. The next step: Defamation lawsuit.

I have, through no fault of my own, been banished to the island of misfit Democrats by my own Florida Democratic party leaders Jennifer Griffith and Nikki Fried. And maybe even DNC chair and vice -chair Jamie Harrison and Gretchen Witmer. I am not allowed to join in any Democratic party games, How high does the rot go? All shall be revealed in discovery.

I am the only candidate in this race who has spent his personal savings on founding a media company (RussiLeaks) whose sole mission is exposing Putin's secrets and those of his agents doing his bidding on American soil, in defense of democracy, America, and Ukraine. And that, of course includes Trump, Luna, Gaetz, and Taylor-Greene. And now it includes even Mitch McConnel.

I am now the only candidate in this race who has been forced, due to the wrongful and shameful acts of others in my own party, to fund my Congressional campaign almost exclusively out of my own personal savings.

To quote Elton John: I'm still standing.

I will work tirelessly in Congress to roll back the attacks on abortion rights, voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and the right for our children to not to be shot in school and sex trafficked.

And, I will continue to be an unwavering, vocal advocate for US military aid to Ukraine.

A vote for me in this Democratic primary race is a vote for the staunchest defender of Democracy, children, civil rights, abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights in this race. A vote for me is a vote for the one candidate in this primary race that has to ability to capture 70 percent of Pinellas independent voters and 60 percent of Lincoln Project Republicans.

To win in this DeSantis-gerrymandered 13th district, a Democrat has to peel off these numbers of Lincoln Republicans and Independents. I'm the only candidate with a plausible strategy, plan, vision, and ability to execute that vision, to convert those swing voters.

Putin-Puppets Gone Wild (by Ukrainian Max Murashko)

I don't like having to mount an insurgency within my own Party. But if rebel I must be, rebel it is. I am forming a rebel alliance. Who's with me?

Come what may, whoever wins in the primary I'm going to work tirelessly to not only defeat Anna Luna and Donald Trump, we are going to crush them in a 20-point landslide. We're going to win the White House, the House of Representatives, and this 13th Congressional House seat. We are going to vanquish all these "Putin-Puppets Gone Wild."

A vote for me is a two-vote swing for our children's safety, for our civil rights, for democracy, and against Putin-Trump and their quests for evil empire.

I'm putting my own personal life savings and my own personal safety on the line in service to America. I took an oath at 18 to protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

I am RussiLeaks Actual. I'm a progressive Democrat who has been bringing the pain to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and the enemies of Democracy. I've put my money where my mouth is. I'm walking the talk.

I'm running as the misfit Democrat for Congress here in Pinellas County.

And I say to you Pinellas: "Be not afraid....Come follow me, and I will give you rest."


John Liccione for Congress

For media inquiries contact: John Liccione at 443-698-8156, [email protected]

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Feb 09
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This guy is a schizophrenic, according to his own legal filings. Look into it.

"In an August 28 competency proceeding, after hearing “details that referenced delusions and paranoia,” the court handling Liccione’s criminal case declared him mentally incompetent and a danger to himself and others. Liccione was committed to the Springfield Psychiatric Hospital."

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